Tony Bull
The Kilham Hoggarths
Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:12pm

My brother in law is a descendant of Elizabeth (aka Bessy) Hog(g)arth, b.1818, Kilham, Yorkshire, East Riding

With encouragement from Bryan of the 'Sheepfold' I have assembled quite a body of Kilhamites, all apparently descended from one Robert Hoggarth, b. 1787 Flamborough Head, just East of Kilham on the Yorkshire Coast.

Bessy married a Dyer Bond whose father, also Dyer Bond apparently served in the RN, serving probably as a young Midshipman somewhere in the fleet commanded by Horatio Nelson- according to Bryan, Dyer Sr was at Cape St Vincent 1797. Dyer Sr retired as Commander RN and lived most of his retirement years in Whitby

If there are any Kilham descendants about, please be in touch

    • kilham Hoggarthsmandy kinley, Thu Jan 28 10:02am
      My grandad along with his mother and father came from Kilham,They moved to Chesterfield around 1910/11
    • Dyer BondPaul Taylor, Sat May 16 8:59am
      Please get in contact with me soon as possible We are linked directly to you and I can tell more About the Dyerbond tree which spread to the Taylor family Contact me Paul Taylor
    • Dyer BondPaul Taylor, Sat Feb 14 8:27pm
      Contact me asap on 07740587390
    • Re: The Kilham HoggarthsRod Hogarth (webmaster), Thu Sep 19 10:47am
      Hi Tony, Excellent! It sounds like you and Bryan have been busy. I'd be delighted to add a 'Kilham Hog*s' tree to this site, or indeed a 'Jigsaw Puzzle' page for that family if you'd like to share... more
      • Hog'sTony Bull, Thu Sep 19 11:07am
        Dear Rod There're about 90 on the Kilham lot so far, and the Canadian branch will undoubtedly be interested - but there are some unresolved issues about that branch before I get in touch with Nadine... more
        • Re: Hog*sRod Hogarth (webmaster), Thu Sep 19 12:17pm
          It rather looks like I jumped the gun when asking for input material for a page or FT for the descendants of Robert, as it sounds like you may have a bit more to do until you've finally got something ... more