Rod Hogarth (webmaster)
Re: Hog*s
Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:17pm

It rather looks like I jumped the gun when asking for input material for a page or FT for the descendants of Robert, as it sounds like you may have a bit more to do until you've finally got something you're happy with.

Regarding how best we might publish it, in view of the amount of data perhaps both a page and tree would be justified. In the interim though, I would be very grateful for a preview of the material you mention - if only to allow me to formulate a rough plan before a 'finished article' is fit for publication. I'll keep both ears to the ground in the meantime.

  • Hog'sTony Bull, Thu Sep 19 11:07am
    Dear Rod There're about 90 on the Kilham lot so far, and the Canadian branch will undoubtedly be interested - but there are some unresolved issues about that branch before I get in touch with Nadine... more
    • Re: Hog*s — Rod Hogarth (webmaster), Thu Sep 19 12:17pm