Bryan Hoggarth
Charles HOGGARD b 1863
Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:07pm

I thought it may help to investigate what happened to Charles (brother of Henry) and his mother Ann HOGGARD who married William SMITH.

1911 census Rg14-25925
46 Unity Grove Harrogate
Charles HOGGARD Head 48 Mar NE Railway Guard YKS Barton Hill
Frances Jane do Wife 48 Mar 24 yrs 5 children born 4 still alive YKS Harrogate
William Ernest do Son 23 Unm Dairy Man YKS do
Christopher do Son 15 Unm Apprentice Boot Maker YKS do
Richard Frederick ELLIS Boarder 21 Unm Dairy man YKS Hampsthwaite

1901 census Rg13-4053 folio 140vs
15 Skipton road, Harrogate
Charles HOGGARD Head Mar 39 Railway Porter YKS Barton Hill
Frances Jane do Wife Mar 37 YKS Harrogate
William Ernest do Son 13 YKS do
Tom do Son 10 YKS do
Grace Annie do Daur 7 YKS do
Christopher do Son 5 YKS do

1891 census Rg12-3521 folio 52
8 Skipton Road, Bilton with Harrogate
Charles HOGGARD Head Mar 28 Railway Shunter YKS Barton Hill
Frances J do Wife Mar 27 YKS Harrogate
William E do Son 3 YKS do
Thomas do Son 3 months YKS do

Marriages Jun qtr 1886
FAWCETT Frances Jane Knaresbro' 9a 149
Gledhill Thomas Watson Knaresborough 9a 149
Hoggard Charles Knaresborough 9a 149
LANCASTER Reabna Knaresbro' 9a 149
(Harrogate is in the Knaresborough registration district)

Would be interesting to see what Charles gave as his father's name on his marriage certificate.
Ancestry has a copy of the certificate (shame they only seem to do the WRY at the moment)
21 June 1886 at Christ Church, High Harrogate by Banns
Charles HOGGARD age 23 Bachelor Railway Porter abode Harrogate father Thomas WILSON, Farm Labourer
Frances Jane FAWCETT age 22 Spinster abode Harrogate father Christopher FAWCETT Labourer
Witnesses: Thomas William FAWCETT, Anne Elizabeth ROBINSON

So Charles was not bothered about showing he was illegitimate. Was Thomas WILSON also the father of Henry? No reason to think so though if he could be traced then his place of dwelling and marital status might help.

1881 census Rg11-4328 folio 14
York Place, Bilton with Harrogate
William SMITH Head Mar 36 Joiner Harrogate
Han SMITH Wife Mar 44 Laundress Barton le Willows
Chas Hoggart SMITH Son 19 Mason Barton le Willows
Arthur Son 11 Scholar Harrogate
Sidney Son 4 Scholar Harrogate
Clara Daur 13 mo Harrogate

1891 census Rg12-3520 folio 3520
School Row, Bilton with Harrogate
William SMITH Head Widr 49 Joiner YKS Harrogate
Ellen SMITH Sister Unm 53 YKS do
Sydney SMITH Son Unm 14 Errand Boy YKS do
Clara SMITH Daur Unm 10 Scholar YKS do

So looks like Ann SMITH nee HOGGARD the mother of Henry and Charles died between 1881 and 1891. Could be hard to pin down her death with such a common name as SMITH.


  • Henry the bastard HOGGARD?Bryan Hoggarth, Mon Jan 13 3:29pm
    Hi Michael, So looks like your Henry may have been this illegitimate child of Ann HOGGARD and we've been wrong to chase up his uncle John the son of John and Hannah. Bastards are not unusual and more ... more
    • Henry/ann HoggardMichael white, Tue Jan 14 7:14pm
      Bryan In retrospect I believe that Ann Smith was Ann Hoggard as there are no other Ann Hoggards from Barton Le Willows.It must be her! In the 1861 census where she is a maid in service she is a... more
    • Henry/ann Hoggardmichael White, Tue Jan 14 1:52pm
      Bryan, If we assume Ann Smih to be the correct Ann Hoggard and she married to Willam Smith in 1869 their son Charles was born in 1863 over 1 year before she had Henry as Ann Hoggard? thoughts Michael
      • Henry/Ann HoggardMichael White, Tue Jan 14 1:53pm
        According to the 1871 census regards my last comments michael
    • Henry HoggardMichael White, Tue Jan 14 12:14pm
      Hi Bryan, No it just states Ann Hoggard mother Barton Le Willows. As we know Henry has entered in his marriage details under father: John Hoggard. In the 1871 census in FYP I found a John Hoggard... more
    • Charles HOGGARD b 1863 — Bryan Hoggarth, Mon Jan 13 5:07pm