Bryan Hoggarth
HOGGARD of Barton le Willows & Malton
Fri Jan 24, 2014 1:40pm

Michael WHITE (by email) said he was a tad confused (not alone there) so I've tried to summarise the family. Hopefully Michael will provide a fuller account for the Jigsaw Section in due course

In the stuff below I've standardised the surname to HOGGARD

John HOGGARD born c. 1804 in Huttons Ambo
Married Hannah DAWSON born c. 1808 in Westow, no record of the marriage found so far.

Children were:
Jane HOGGARD born c. 1832 Barton le WILLOWS
Ann HOGGARD born 1839/40 Barton le Willows *
John HOGGARD born 4 Jan 1844 Barton le Willows **
Hannah HOGGARD born c. 1845 Barton le Willows
Charlotte HOGGARD born 1848/49 Barton le Willows
James HOGGARD born c. 1851 Barton le Willows
Mary HOGGARD born c. 1854 Barton le Willows. Married John PALMER in 1877. No children.

Ann HOGGARD has these children illegitimately
Possibly Robert HOGGARD born 1858 Barton le Willows
Charles HOGGARD born c. 1862 Barton le Willows (His 1886 marriage certificate gives his father as Thomas WILSON a farm labourer) #
Henry HOGGARD born 23 Jan 1865 Barton le Willows, died 1942 Scarborough district. ##
Ann HOGGARD marries William SMITH Sep qtr 1869 Malton district
Ann and William have these children
Arthur SMITH born 1870 Harrogate
Sidney SMITH born c. 1876 Harrogate
Clara SMITH born 1880 Harrogate
Ann SMITH nee HOGGARD dies between 1881 and 1891

John HOGGARD married Charlotte HOPE (born c. 1845 Driffield) Dec qtr 1864 in Scarborough District 9d 638
Children were:
George HOGGARD born c. 1864
Sarah HOGGARD born c. 1866
Tom HOGGARD born c. 1868
Lizzie HOGGARD born c. 1870
Charlotte HOGGARD born c. 1873
Robert HOGGARD born c. 1875
John HOGGARD born c. 1880
Edmund HOGGARD born c. 1888
(In 1883 Charlotte died and John married a Mary GARDHAM? born c. 1860 at Scalby)

Charles HOGGARD married Frances Jane FAWCETT 21 June 1886 in Harrogate. Certificate is available in Rod's Reference Section.
William Ernest HOGGARD born c. 1887 Harrogate
Thomas HOGGARD born 1890 Harrogate
Grace Annie HOGGARD born c. 1893 Harrogate
Christopher HOGGARD born c. 1895 Harrogate

Henry HOGGARD, birth certificate gives no father, (His marriage certificate gives his father as John HOGGARD but I do not believe it)
Henry married Hannah HUMBLE in Dec qtr Leeds 9b 660 (as Harry HOGGARD)
Lucy HOGGARD born c. 1898 Leeds
Henry HOGGARD born c. 1900 Flaxton (married Hannah E BREWER in 1930) died 1964. Descendents had Wykeham Farm near Malton.
George Arthur born c. 1904 Malton
Alice Mary HOGGARD born c. 1903 Malton (married John James MARSHALL Sep qtr 1927 Edmonton 3a 2000; and hence Michael WHITE)


  • Alice Mary HoggardMichael White, Sat Dec 14 5:40pm
    Alice Mary Hoggard was my grandmother. she had a daughter with John James Marshall called Audrey Marshall... my mother. I am in search of the father of Henry Hoggard who married Hannah Humble on Nov... more
    • HOGGARD of Barton le Willows & Malton — Bryan Hoggarth, Fri Jan 24 1:40pm
      • Elizabeth HOGGARD born 1867. Bryan Hoggarth, Sun Jan 26 7:12pm
        This lass appeared in the 1871 census as a Grandaughter. I've found out some stuff about her but to find out who the parents were her birth certificate will have to be purchased. This is probably the ... more
        • Hoggards/MaltonsMichael White, Tue Jan 28 9:40am
          Hi Bryan I have ordered the certificates for Robert, Charles and Elisabeth will keep you informed. Michael
    • HOGGARDS of Barton le WillowsBryan Hoggarth, Sun Dec 15 2:22pm
      Hi Michael, You said "I am in search of the father of Henry Hoggard who married Hannah Humble on Nov 8th 1897 in Leeds who according to the marriage certificate would be a John Hoggard." If you have... more
      • Hoggards of Barton le willowsMichael white, Sun Dec 15 8:41pm
        I have traced over 60 ancestors for my direct family tree and funny enough just having problems over the closest relatives. Henry is in the 1901 census as being born in 1870 in Barton le Willows and... more
        • HOGGARDS of Barton le WillowsBryan Hoggarth, Mon Dec 16 4:47pm
          Hi Michael, I'm aware that the 1911, 1901 censuses and his Marriage certificate indicate a birth for Henry in 1870ish but nothing else supports that. Therefore it must be wrong. Barton le Willows may ... more
          • Hoggards of Bartonmichael White, Mon Dec 16 6:29pm
            Thanks for the insight here Bryan!... So what we are saying is... that the Henry Hoggard father of my grandmother Alice Mary was born as it says on the census 1871 Of John Hoggard Barton in 1864! was ... more
            • HOGGARDS of Barton & Huttons AmbroBryan Hoggarth, Tue Dec 17 10:45am
              Hi Michael, Have you noticed how the timing on these posts seems to be still on British Summer time. The 1871 census does have Henry age 7 which would make him born 1863/64 but I think his... more
              • Hoggardsmichael white, Fri Dec 20 10:35am
                Hi Bynan, Thanks for the info and support. I have orders lots of certs so I hope to get further and solved. Just two problems with other families now I add for your info the details of John Hoggard... more
                • Henry HoggardMichael White, Sun Jan 12 5:46pm
                  Hi Brian, Happy new year… regards: 1911 – Census: 42,Town Street, Old Malton, Malton Henry Hoggard - Farm Laborer – 41 - born 1870 - Barton Le Willows 1901 – Census: 26,Ashvillle Street, York. Henry... more
                  • Henry the bastard HOGGARD?Bryan Hoggarth, Mon Jan 13 3:29pm
                    Hi Michael, So looks like your Henry may have been this illegitimate child of Ann HOGGARD and we've been wrong to chase up his uncle John the son of John and Hannah. Bastards are not unusual and more ... more
                    • Henry/ann HoggardMichael white, Tue Jan 14 7:14pm
                      Bryan In retrospect I believe that Ann Smith was Ann Hoggard as there are no other Ann Hoggards from Barton Le Willows.It must be her! In the 1861 census where she is a maid in service she is a... more
                    • Henry/ann Hoggardmichael White, Tue Jan 14 1:52pm
                      Bryan, If we assume Ann Smih to be the correct Ann Hoggard and she married to Willam Smith in 1869 their son Charles was born in 1863 over 1 year before she had Henry as Ann Hoggard? thoughts Michael
                    • Henry HoggardMichael White, Tue Jan 14 12:14pm
                      Hi Bryan, No it just states Ann Hoggard mother Barton Le Willows. As we know Henry has entered in his marriage details under father: John Hoggard. In the 1871 census in FYP I found a John Hoggard... more
                    • Charles HOGGARD b 1863Bryan Hoggarth, Mon Jan 13 5:07pm
                      I thought it may help to investigate what happened to Charles (brother of Henry) and his mother Ann HOGGARD who married William SMITH. 1911 census Rg14-25925 46 Unity Grove Harrogate Charles HOGGARD... more
              • Time CheckRod Hogarth, Tue Dec 17 12:01pm
                Thanks for nudging me about the timestamp error Bryan. I've now fixed it so it should really, really be GMT/UTC.
          • HOGGARDs of Barton le WillowsBryan Hoggarth, Mon Dec 16 4:49pm
            OOOOPS I said " but it would have still been a small place and to have had a Henry HOGGARD born in 1856 with father John and another Henry HOGGARD born in 1870ish with father called John (of whose... more