Bryan Hogarth
Berwickshire HOGARTHs
Mon Jan 11, 2016 5:15pm

Hi David,
I've often found it not easy to find Frederick's "tree" from his Baronage Press web site home page so you might find this link useful.

Rod is still around as last month we had a Christmas card from him; but he is not as active on his web site as he used to be. We're all slowing down.

As for the Guest Book I'm glad it's no longer working since we used to get people putting a message on there which required a response but there was no facility to place a reply and get a conversation going as there is with this Noticeboard.

Bryan Hoggarth (Sheepfold)

  • Berwick, etc, Family TreeDavid H, Mon Jan 11 3:56pm
    Glad that you're recovering. As you've already got a copy and are planning to use it, I'll keep out of the way.
    • Berwickshire HOGARTHs — Bryan Hogarth, Mon Jan 11 5:15pm