Frederick Hogarth
George, Esq, Berwick and Maryland
Sat Aug 6, 2016 3:11pm

Hello Audrey,

We may have something that might help -- if you can resolve what might be an error in the record of a date of death.

George Hogarth, who held Lennelhill in Berwickshire on a lease during the mid-18th century, had an eldest son, John, who was said to have owned Hilton, also in Berwickshire, but this too may have been held only on a lease. The family, as other families holding the larger leases in the Borders, were not poor, and all five sons were comfortable. John had only two sons, George and Thomas, of which we need to know more. Thomas, the younger, bought a commission in the Army and retired as an unmarried Lieutenant Colonel. The elder, George, settled in America and returned to Berwick unmarried, to live with his brother and two unmarried sisters. The family legend claimed that the unmarried George had children, but there was confusion at one time when we learned that the unmarried Thomas had at least two children, this leading to the suspicion that George was blameless. However, it is most probable that both were active in this respect.

So what do we have? Very little, I'm afraid,but it may be a start. George is known to have been born around 1762, which fits into the bracket you have, but we have his death date as February 2nd, 1831, in Berwick. How certain is the date and place of death you have? You also have your George as an Esquire, and all the Hogarth sons in the senior line at that time ranked either as Esquires or Gentlemen, and it may well be that if George emigrated to America with his share of the family's wealth, then he could have left here as a Gentleman and disembarked as an Esquire. (Don't laugh -- these labels were important then.)

There may be clues in his will that, not knowing of the Berwick connection, if there is one, you didn't recognise. I should be more than happy to examine the text if you care to email it to me at

We may be sixth cousins once of twice removed (depending on your age).

Good luck!

    • George, Esq (MD)audrey19106, Sat Aug 6 5:51pm
      Hello Frederick, Thank you so much for writing! Unfortunately, I don't think that we are speaking about the same George. I found our George's death notice listed in a Maryland newspaper and his will... more
      • George HogarthSandra Pierson, Tue Mar 7 12:19pm
        Hi After reading your message a few times I wondered if your George Hogarth who died in 1822 could be the George Hogarth Esq. I am looking for, from Westminster. My George (b.1757) definitely studied ... more
        • George Hogarth,Esq.Audrey Schneider, Tue Mar 7 5:17pm
          Hi Sandra, This is exciting! Perhaps they are indeed the same person. I would love to follow up on this lead. Would you, by chance, have any scans of documents regarding your George? I am working... more
          • George HogarthSandra Pierson, Tue Mar 28 10:15am
            Hi Audrey I am a descendant of John Hogarth of Westminster via George's brother Henry Spence Hogarth. I am on but only the UK (not World Wide) "Williams-Stebbing" tree. My grandmother's... more
            • George HogarthWilliam Hogarth, Wed Mar 29 10:29am
              Hello Sandra and Audrey, Verbatim from ancient notes -- >>>>>>> The grandson of John Hogarth, Tenant in Rumbletonlaw, who might be the John Hogarth who was executor of John Waddel's will, was --... more
              • Hogarths of LondonSandra Pierson, Sat Oct 28 1:00pm
                Hi, not sure where you are all up to with the family as I have not look at this site for a while. I have copies of the wills, marriage details etc. which definitely show that George Alexander (b.... more
      • George, Esq., Maryland and BerwickFrederick Hogarth, Sat Aug 6 6:52pm
        Hello again, Audrey, I had thought there might be a faint chance that your George might have left Maryland at the date of his death, and that someone later confused the facts. Our George definitely... more