Danielle Montes
Origin of Hogarths in Haiti
Wed Aug 24, 2016 3:23pm

Thank you so much, Bryan for this resource.

The question of the Haiti Hogarths has been answered. The Ancestry trees you are referring are ours. We have definitively traced the origin of the first Hogarths in Haiti to the three sons of George Hogarth (1770) from Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Maryland.

The three brothers and their mother, Margaret Mitchell went to Haiti in the 1820's after the death of George Hogarth, Sr. during a period when Haiti was recruiting African Americans to emigrate to Haiti.

Margaret died within a year or so of arriving in Haiti. Two of the brothers, John and Henri settled in Haiti and went on to become successful citizens and community members.

George Hogarth did not migrate to Haiti. He became a minister in the early African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and took over the first AME mission in Haiti establishing the first Methodist Church Community there. George served as the first Book Steward of the AME church and published their first monthly magazine.

George Hogarth is a notable figure in American History as he was one of the founders of a free, propertied community of African Americans called Weeksville - present day Bedford Stuy area in Brooklyn, NY - almost forty years prior to the American Civil War. He was a teacher, principal and was one of a three member school board for Colored School Number 1, also the first in New York City. He was a strong proponent of education and supported temperance movement at the time.

His brother, John the grandfather of Marie Hogarth, wrote articles and sent them to George for publication. The brothers were also business partners and effectively leveraged their networks one both sides. His son, Joseph was the father of Marie Hogarth born in 1889. Randolph Wolff and I are both her descendants.

On the Haiti side, John Hogarth (1809) had 13 children. Henry (1808) had one child, Marguerite Hogarth. On the US side, George Hogarth had four children with Ellen Duryes (Duryeas) B: 1802 in Brooklyn,New York.

At this time, we are trying to locate the origins of the George Hogarth, Esq. who we think was born in 1770. We have his last will and testament and other historical documents, but we have yet to confirm his birth date, parentage or siblings. He may have been born in the UK. We don't know if he had any siblings. He was an attorney.

Any assistance in locating the origins of George Hogarth, born around 1770 and resided in Anne Arundel, Maryland would be most appreciated.

  • USA - Haiti HOGARTHsBryan Hoggarth, Wed Aug 24 12:12pm
    To save straining my brain to picture how these HOGARTHs fit together I though I'd see if a tree is available on Ancestry. Tree on Ancestry: "The Ancestors of the Beauvais -Archin Family" (or TD2016) ... more
    • Hogarth - Wolff connectionDanielle Montes, Wed Aug 24 3:29pm
      Marie Hogarth married an Archin. One of Marie Hogarth's (1889) granddaughters married a Wolff. One of her daughters married a Beauvais. The children of Wolff and Beauvais are close cousins.
    • Origin of Hogarths in Haiti — Danielle Montes, Wed Aug 24 3:23pm
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            hi Danielle, You wrote "Another one of you posts mentioned that Hogarth is a Catholic spelling. " If I did write that then it is wrong. The HOGGARTHs from North Yorkshire (North Riding of Yorkshire... more
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              Thank you, Bryan for that information. I am learning a great deal! Everything you have shared is contributing to my understanding and helping to refine my search. Respectfully, Danielle