Bryan Hoggarth
Site originator - Rod HOGARTH not Bryan HOGGARTH
Thu Aug 25, 2016 12:10pm

Hi Anonymous,
It is a common mis-conception that this site is my work. It was actually started by Rod HOGARTH back in the latter years of the last century.
If you look at the Home page and scroll down to the bottom past all those updates yo can see Rod's original message of introduction. He should have left it at the top and put the updates below it.

I do have a web page (Sheepfold) which I started a bit later than Rod's and it shows signs of its similar vintage. When I get some web generating S/W to suit my new Mac then I may re-do my pages and then I can ditch the hulking black PC cluttering up my desk (which I've not switched on for two months). Don't hold your breath.

It is worth mentioning that you should not place much importance as to whether a surname is HOGARTH or HOGGARTH. Due to the fact that there was a somewhat well known painter called William HOGARTH more people are familiar with that spelling and its pronunciation (Hoe-garth) than with HOGGARTH and its pronunciation (Hog-garth). So when we HOGGARTH's move from the north of England (where we originate) the Southerners mispronounce our name as Hoe-garth and even spell it wrong.

The irony is that William HOGARTH the painter came from north west England and his families name was HOGGARTH. William's father became known as HOGARTH after he moved to London. The spelling HOGARTH is of Scottish origin and probably started as Howe (house or hill) Garth (guard or enclosure).
HOGGARTH is common across the North west an east of England which was settled by he Scandinavians as is shown by the place names. Hog-Garth derives from Hog (a yearling sheep) and Garth (an enclosure). There are several farms across the north of England called Hoggarth and some centuries back I think most farms would have had a sheep fold called the hog-garth.

So your earliest male ancestor George HOGARTH may have started life as a HOGARTH or a HOGGARTH and come from Scotland or England. Maybe via Ireland.

A Y-DNA test of a male line descendent might help though apart from records of those of us whose line originates from the North York Moors we have few results from this side of the Atlantic. Shame the prices have remained so high - monopoly I suppose.

Bryan Hoggarth

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            Thank you, Bryan for that information. I am learning a great deal! Everything you have shared is contributing to my understanding and helping to refine my search. Respectfully, Danielle