Danielle Montes
Hogarth - Hoggarth
Fri Aug 26, 2016 5:27am

Thank you for the clarification, Bryan. I sent my last two or three comments from my phone and did not realize I was showing as Anonymous. I'm Danielle Montes.

The subject of your response is interesting as I have gone back and forth about the potential origins of name. Another one of you posts mentioned that Hogarth is a Catholic spelling. These Hogarths are also pre or during the American Revolution era even though everything I've found indicate that the first Hogarths from England did not come to America until mid to late 1800's. With the discovery of The relationship to William Hogarth who settled in South Carolina prior to 1765 coupled with information about this being a Catholic spelling. I a looking at potential Scottish origin.

I was talking with my cousin late night to see if we can pinpoint the oldest males to do the DNA test. We were looking for definition/explanation, cost, complication, and the best place to connect and triangulate with other Hogarths. I did the DNA test offered by Ancestry.com but all the matches have private trees with few people or no trees so it hasn't been as informative as I was hoping.

Thank you to Rod, the creator of this site and to you as your comments and encouragement and the existence of this forum have helped so many Hogarths.

Danielle Montes

  • Site originator - Rod HOGARTH not Bryan HOGGARTHBryan Hoggarth, Thu Aug 25 12:10pm
    Hi Anonymous, It is a common mis-conception that this site is my work. It was actually started by Rod HOGARTH back in the latter years of the last century. If you look at the Home page and scroll... more
    • Hogarth - Hoggarth — Danielle Montes, Fri Aug 26 5:27am
      • Catholics Bryan Hoggarth, Fri Aug 26 10:35am
        hi Danielle, You wrote "Another one of you posts mentioned that Hogarth is a Catholic spelling. " If I did write that then it is wrong. The HOGGARTHs from North Yorkshire (North Riding of Yorkshire... more
        • Thank you for clarificationmontes.danielle, Fri Aug 26 4:34pm
          Thank you, Bryan for that information. I am learning a great deal! Everything you have shared is contributing to my understanding and helping to refine my search. Respectfully, Danielle