Bryan Hoggarth
Fri Aug 26, 2016 10:35am

hi Danielle,

You wrote "Another one of you posts mentioned that Hogarth is a Catholic spelling. "

If I did write that then it is wrong. The HOGGARTHs from North Yorkshire (North Riding of Yorkshire historically) were often Roman Catholics as were the HOGGARTHs of the north west of England (Westmoreland and Cumberland now joined as Cumbria).

This goes back to the Tudor times when Henry viii separated the English (Anglican) church from Rome making himself the head of the church. Many people continued to believe that the Pope and the Roman Catholic religion was still the one true faith though they were fined for not attending the Anglican services and Roman Catholic priests could be executed. These communities of Recusants as they were called were more common in the north of England and most common where the local gentry were also Roman Catholics and supported the clandestine priests.

Catholics were considered as being potential supporters of foreign powers and so were suspect even up to the Jacobite rebellion of 1745 when Bonny Prince Charlie tried to reclaim the throne by coming from France to Scotland and invading England. After that Catholics became more accepted so by 1800 they were able to open their own churches.

I'm not well educated about the religion in Scotland but they tended to be Protestants / Calvinists at least in the southern lowlands near the border such as Berwickshire.

So though people can change their faith in a generation if your family were protestant rather than catholic then their origin may be more likely Scottish then English. I'd not place a lot of emphasis on that though. If your George was in a community with not other Catholics around and his "wife" was a member of some local Protestant church then naturally the children would be brought up in her faith.

Re the migration of HOG(G)ARTHs to America "mid to late 1800s". My G3 Gdad made his will in 1840 when he was living near Egton near Whitby in NRY (North Riding of Yorkshire) In it he left "To my son George HOGGARTH who is now in America the sum of ten pounds". That George was born in 1808 and I mention him just to indicate that migration of HOG(G)ARTHs was earlier than 1840.


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    Thank you for the clarification, Bryan. I sent my last two or three comments from my phone and did not realize I was showing as Anonymous. I'm Danielle Montes. The subject of your response is... more
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        Thank you, Bryan for that information. I am learning a great deal! Everything you have shared is contributing to my understanding and helping to refine my search. Respectfully, Danielle