Bryan Hoggarth
Newspapers and Farrar YDNA
Sun Oct 2, 2016 2:05pm

Any relatives mentioned here? I searched newspapers in Findmypast on "HOGGARTH" and "Firbank".

Kendal Mercury 5 Jun 1869
Magistrate's room, Kirkby Lonsdale
Miles HOGGARTH and William HOGGARTH, blacksmiths, and Rowland HOGGARTH, husbandman, all of the township of Firbank were charged on the information of James FAWCETT, of the same township, with maliciously damaging slates on the house occupied by him, on the 29th May last, and thereby doing damage to the amount of 30s. Defendants pleaded not guilty, but after hearing the evidence the magistrates were of a different opinion, and each had to pay a fine of 1s., costs 12s 6d, and damage 5s.

Westmorland Gazette 7 Dec 1861
Town Hall Kendal, Nov 30
Trespassing in pursuit of game.
Miles HOGGARTH, of Dilicar, miller, Edward HOGGARTH and James BATEMAN were charged with trespassing uopn the land of Mrs Thompson, of Moresdale Hall, in search of game ~~~~~ fined @1 each.
James FAWCETT, of Firbank, was charged with a similar offence in plantations upon the same estate.

Kendal Mercury 8 July 1865
Serious Assault upon the Police
A man of te name of Miles HOGGARTH, the son of a small farmer in the neighbourhood of Grayrigg, visited Kendal last November with a companion.
To summarise they gor drunk and started a fight. Summoned to go before the magistrates but HOGGARTH diid not appear.
When two police officers went to arrest him he resisted with the assistance of Robert PARKER of Firbank, the illegitimate son of a farmer names BATEMAN. The officers retreated and returned later with more men.
HOGGARTH sentenced to two months and seven days hard labour, and PARKER to two months hard labour.

Westmoreland Gazette 29 July 1820
The examination of the Candidates for the Grammar School, at Bolton-by-the-Sands, took place on Wednesday last. John HOGGARTH , of Firbank, and late of Sedbergh Free School, was appointed master. There were six candidates.

Westmorland Gazette 1 Jun 1867
To Be Let or Sold
and may be entered into immediately
Davy Bank Water Corn Mill and Malt Kiln, situate in the Township of Firbank and Dillicar, near the Lowgill Junction, in the county of Westmorland, together with a Dwelling House, Barn Stables Shippon and Peat House, Garden and Orchard, and Eight acres or thereabouts of good land, with a Peat Moss belonging the same.
For further particulars apply to Mr. William HOGGARTH, Davy Bank, Firbank, near Lowgill Junction.
May 30th 1867

I see a YDNA test has been done on a person of the Farrar HOGGARTH line. Could be useful to compare with.


  • FirbankStephen Savage, Fri Sep 30 9:07am
    Firbank is indeed North of Kendal a hamlet near Greyrigg. This Hoggarth family lived at Davy Bank farm/mill from the 1700s. Hoggarths still live in the vicinity. A James Hoggarth is recorded as a... more
    • FirbankCatherine Sharpe, Tue Nov 8 9:55pm
      Researching Moors Farm, Firbank & Thomas Sharp 16/17 c. and have pics (1744) of same but believe Moors was also called Nether Davy Bank? Can you shed any light on the connection by name of these... more
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