Audrey Schneider
George Hogarth,Esq.
Tue Mar 7, 2017 5:17pm

Hi Sandra,

This is exciting! Perhaps they are indeed the same person. I would love to follow up on this lead. Would you, by chance, have any scans of documents regarding your George? I am working with a group of cousins and we'd love to see if we could find work together to find a connection.

Are you a descendent of the Hogarth family? If yes, are you by chance on I know it's not 100%, but maybe we could get a DNA match.



  • George HogarthSandra Pierson, Tue Mar 7 12:19pm
    Hi After reading your message a few times I wondered if your George Hogarth who died in 1822 could be the George Hogarth Esq. I am looking for, from Westminster. My George (b.1757) definitely studied ... more
    • George Hogarth,Esq. — Audrey Schneider, Tue Mar 7 5:17pm
      • George HogarthSandra Pierson, Tue Mar 28 10:15am
        Hi Audrey I am a descendant of John Hogarth of Westminster via George's brother Henry Spence Hogarth. I am on but only the UK (not World Wide) "Williams-Stebbing" tree. My grandmother's... more
        • George HogarthWilliam Hogarth, Wed Mar 29 10:29am
          Hello Sandra and Audrey, Verbatim from ancient notes -- >>>>>>> The grandson of John Hogarth, Tenant in Rumbletonlaw, who might be the John Hogarth who was executor of John Waddel's will, was --... more
          • Hogarths of LondonSandra Pierson, Sat Oct 28 1:00pm
            Hi, not sure where you are all up to with the family as I have not look at this site for a while. I have copies of the wills, marriage details etc. which definitely show that George Alexander (b.... more