William Hogarth
George Hogarth
Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:29am

Hello Sandra and Audrey,

Verbatim from ancient notes --

>>>>>>> The grandson of John Hogarth, Tenant in Rumbletonlaw, who might be the John Hogarth who was executor of John Waddel's will, was --

David Hogarth of Hilton, formerly Tenant in Lennelhill, born 1750, married January 1792 Beatrice (died 10 October 1829 aged 64) daughter of George Pringle at Trowburne and Sunlawshill, and died 13 August 1815 having had among other issue --

George Hogarth of Hilton, banker at Cupar, Fife, baptised 4 April 1810, married Mary Ogilvie (born 1815 and died 1896) daughter of David Pearson and had among other issue --

George Hogarth, born 1853 [noted as married with one son and a daughter and might be the George Alexander Hogarth of Bristol, also perhaps the "George Hogarth, Esq. of Gloucester", who had a son George Pringle Hogarth educated at Cheltenham from 1910, and a daughter Elizabeth Louisa who married Robert William Nicolson, and another daughter Charlotte Elizabeth] <<<<<<<

Does any of this make sense to you?

  • George HogarthSandra Pierson, Tue Mar 28 10:15am
    Hi Audrey I am a descendant of John Hogarth of Westminster via George's brother Henry Spence Hogarth. I am on Ancestry.com but only the UK (not World Wide) "Williams-Stebbing" tree. My grandmother's... more
    • George Hogarth — William Hogarth, Wed Mar 29 10:29am
      • Hogarths of LondonSandra Pierson, Sat Oct 28 1:00pm
        Hi, not sure where you are all up to with the family as I have not look at this site for a while. I have copies of the wills, marriage details etc. which definitely show that George Alexander (b.... more