Danielle Montes
Re: Hogarh
Sun Jul 2, 2017 1:58pm

We are most certainly family as all the names you listed are household names in my family- all celebrated as well-loved. Your grandfather, Maurice Hogarth and my grandmother, Marie were siblings. Both are in that family picture you mentioned. I believe that was taken during Marcel's last visit to Haiti. There was a big family gathering. A few years ago, I sat down with my aunt and we named every person in that photo. I also have a picture of Marcel who settled in Tennessee. I could found a copy online and recently realized that I have an original dedicated in his script to his sister, Marie. It's a pleasure to meet you and to connect with you!

Several of the descendants of the Hogarth brothers of Hait have formed an ancestry research group. I am more than happy to share our discoveries with you and our Ancestry tree.

Please feel free to contact me at the following email address montes.danielle@gmail.com

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  • HogarhLaurie Hogarth, Sun Jul 2 11:58am
    My Grandfather is Maurice Hogarth married to Janin Denis I was told that he was one of the brothers and cousins that came to Haiti . He was about 9 years old . We don't know what happened to his... more
    • Re: Hogarh — Danielle Montes, Sun Jul 2 1:58pm
      • Re: HogarhAnonymous, Sun Jul 2 11:07pm
        I learned more about the family in 5 minutes than I did all my life . Thank you so much. Their is a Doctor here in New Jersey his name is Dr. Bocage he is a lung doctor he is the son of our uncle... more
      • HogarthLaurie Hogarth, Sun Jul 2 6:20pm
        Thank you ! My Dad Jean Hogarth is in the picture so is Ti Bob Telson and Elsie Telson and Elaine .The little boy with the white suite is Bob he passed a couple of years ago so did Elaine .Their... more
        • The Telson kidsDanielle, Mon Jul 3 6:52am
          Dear Laurie, My son went to visit Elsie in New York a couple of years ago. I flew to New York twice to visit Elaine in the hospital. Even there she was a force of nature, her spirit was strong and... more
          • Re: The Telson kidsAnonymous, Mon Jul 3 12:07pm
            Yes they are amazing people.I will ask my Dad if he remembers anything about Marcel .He was the youngest so they didn't tell him much about anything . He just told me last week that his Dad came to... more
        • Jean Hogarth Danielle , Sun Jul 2 7:04pm
          Yes, I knew them well. Elsie's mom was Denise Pressoir. I visited Haiti in the early 1990s with my mother to meet her and the two remaining sisters at the time - Tante Julie and Tante Marcel. It was... more
          • HogarthLaurie Hogarth , Sun Jul 2 11:04pm
            I have pictures of Elsie's family in New York I'll see her next week and ask her who they are . My sister Elsie Hogarth died September 7, 2016 and my mom Martha Hogarth died January 24,2012.The... more
            • ElsieDanielle Montes, Mon Jul 3 5:15am
              I always