Jean Hogarth
Sun Jul 2, 2017 7:04pm

Yes, I knew them well. Elsie's mom was Denise Pressoir. I visited Haiti in the early 1990s with my mother to meet her and the two remaining sisters at the time - Tante Julie and Tante Marcel. It was such a huge blessing to meet them and spend time with them! I stayed with them at their home on Ruelle Waag. Being welcomed and embraced by them was the best feeling! Ti Bob, Elaine and Elsie are close cousins. I have heard Elsie mention Jean Hogarth.

The first Hogarths went to Haiti in the 1820's during the Abolition Movement in the US and the Boyer campaign in Haiti to recruit African Americans to Haiti. Two brothers remained in Haiti - John and Henry -while one brother, George returned to the US. The brothers and sisters in the family photo are children of Joseph Hogarth, son of Julie Ferrer and Joseph Hogarth, son of Elaiza Chanlatte and John Hogarth, the first generation of Hogarth's in Haiti and our great, great grandfather.

  • HogarthLaurie Hogarth, Sun Jul 2 6:20pm
    Thank you ! My Dad Jean Hogarth is in the picture so is Ti Bob Telson and Elsie Telson and Elaine .The little boy with the white suite is Bob he passed a couple of years ago so did Elaine .Their... more
    • The Telson kidsDanielle, Mon Jul 3 6:52am
      Dear Laurie, My son went to visit Elsie in New York a couple of years ago. I flew to New York twice to visit Elaine in the hospital. Even there she was a force of nature, her spirit was strong and... more
      • Re: The Telson kidsAnonymous, Mon Jul 3 12:07pm
        Yes they are amazing people.I will ask my Dad if he remembers anything about Marcel .He was the youngest so they didn't tell him much about anything . He just told me last week that his Dad came to... more
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      • HogarthLaurie Hogarth , Sun Jul 2 11:04pm
        I have pictures of Elsie's family in New York I'll see her next week and ask her who they are . My sister Elsie Hogarth died September 7, 2016 and my mom Martha Hogarth died January 24,2012.The... more
        • ElsieDanielle Montes, Mon Jul 3 5:15am
          I always