Laurie Hogarth
Sun Jul 2, 2017 11:04pm

I have pictures of Elsie's family in New York I'll see her next week and ask her who they are . My sister Elsie Hogarth died September 7, 2016 and my mom Martha Hogarth died January 24,2012.The Pressoir family . We have a lot still in Haiti and in Florida.first cousins Maurice had no Clifton Jainine and Gerard had no children . Antoine had 4 , Marcel had 5 , Paulette had 4 , Georgette had 2 and my dad had 2. Elsie's family is so nice her daughters name is Sylvie she lives in DC.

  • Jean Hogarth Danielle , Sun Jul 2 7:04pm
    Yes, I knew them well. Elsie's mom was Denise Pressoir. I visited Haiti in the early 1990s with my mother to meet her and the two remaining sisters at the time - Tante Julie and Tante Marcel. It was... more
    • Hogarth — Laurie Hogarth , Sun Jul 2 11:04pm
      • ElsieDanielle Montes, Mon Jul 3 5:15am
        I always