John Fry
Bertha Hogarth
Tue Jul 4, 2017 4:24am


I can send you a portrait picture that we have (it was taken in Port au Prince at a photography studio

Also have one of her and my grandfather standing out front of a building or house (?)

  • Bertha HogarthJohn Fry, Mon Jul 3 11:57pm
    Lt. Howard Fry USMC/ Haitian Gendarmerie 1923-1927 Port au Prince and a couple other remote areas. Checking with my dad I have a picture of her and some postcards she sent my Grandfatherbut don't see ... more
    • ContactDanielle Montes, Tue Jul 4 12:22pm
      My email address is to send the photo and post cards. Please make sure you sent the backside as well so I can see the location or hint of location. Write to me there and I... more
    • Bertha Hogarth — John Fry, Tue Jul 4 4:24am