Brian Hoggard
Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:14pm

Brian was the son of George Arthur. Grandson of Henry and Hannah. And the brother of my father Kenneth. So I knew him as Uncle Brian. I think he was at his grandparents for the 1939 survey. I remember my father saying they all stayed there a lot during the war years. Evacuated.

Did you ever work out Henry’s father. Do you have a copy of Henry HOGGARDs and Hannah HUMBLEs wedding certificate.

  • Parents of George Arthur HOGGARDBryan Hoggarth, Fri Oct 27 1:43pm
    This may be the parents of George A HOGGARD in the 1939 register. Oak Villa, Pickering Henry HOGGARD 23 January 1865 Mar. Old Age Pensioner Hannah HOGGARD 7? January 1878 Mar. Sweets Tobacco Tea Shop ... more
    • Brian Hoggard — Anonymous, Fri Oct 27 5:14pm
      • Ann HOGGARDs BastardsRichard Hoggard, Fri Oct 27 7:51pm
        I now think Robert Hoggard born 1859 also died in 1859 named Robert Hagyard Charles Hoggard born 1863 goes with Ann to Harrogate when she marries William Smith in 1869 because in the 1871 census... more
        • Elizabeth HOGGARD born 1867. Bryan Hoggarth, Sat Oct 28 11:42am
          Hi Richard, All these HOGGARDs are not connected to me as far as I know so I've not bothered with them since 2014. This link should take you to my previous notes on Elizabeth HOGGARD.... more