Bryan Hoggarth
Elizabeth HOGGARD born 1867.
Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:42am

Hi Richard,
All these HOGGARDs are not connected to me as far as I know so I've not bothered with them since 2014.
This link should take you to my previous notes on Elizabeth HOGGARD.;article=1995;title=Hogarth%20Family%20HQ%20Noticeboard

Richard WHITE. who is a cousin of yours to some degree, may have followed her up further. I don't know what is contact details are. Rod HOGARTH may have an email address for him.

With the new improved GRO index I've checked up the births of her & some of her earlier children.

Birth q3 1867 HOGGART Elizabeth, Malton 9d 340, mmn blank
(her birth certificate may be needed to find out who her mother was)

Birth q1 1887 HOGGARD Maud Mary, York 9d 63, mmn blank

Birth q1 1889, HOGGARD William Henry, Malton 9d 382, mmn blank

Birth q2 1897 WAITE Annie Elizabeth Hoggard, Malton 9d 414, mmn HOGGARD

Possible marriages of Maud Mary HOGGARD born 1887:
q2 1910 York 9d 72, Maud HOGGARD + Walter BEAVERS
q3 1911 Howden 9d 189, Maude L HOGGARD + Joseph W CAMM

1911 census, 11 Dundas St., Hungate, York
Walter BEAVERS head 25 Mar. Labourer in Brickyard, YKS York
Maud do Wife 24 Mar. 11 months 1 child born, 1 alive, YKS Malton
Elizabeth Ann do daur 5 month YKS York

In Ancestry - Death Maud Mary BEAVERS (born 13 Jan 1887) died q3 1973 York 2d 1817.

Other children called BEAVERS mmn HOGGARD, all born York:
Joseph 1913
Walter J 1916
Dorothy 1919
Ernest 1922
George 1926
Frederick 1929

1939 Joseph BEAVERS (born 8 Mar 1913 is living with Joseph and Beatrice HODGSON at 38 Ashton, Avenue, York

Had trouble finding Maud and Walter in 1939 as they are wrongly indexed as BEARERL. Found them through son Fred.

1939 register, 261 Fifth Avenue, York
BEAVERS Walter J, 21 Mar 1886 Mar. Brickmoulder
BEAVERS Maud Mary 23 Aug 1888 Mar. Unpaid Domestic Duties
BEAVERS (later JENNINGS) Doris 7 June 1919 Unm. Bakeress
2 records closed
BEAVERS Fred, 24 Apl 1929 Unm at school

Interesting that the birth date for Maud BEAVERS nee HOGGARD are not the same in 1939 and in her death record.

Not your branch but with so many illegitimate births in this family you need to hang on the what cousins you can find.


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