Sandra Pierson
Hogarths of London
Sat Oct 28, 2017 1:00pm

Hi, not sure where you are all up to with the family as I have not look at this site for a while. I have copies of the wills, marriage details etc. which definitely show that George Alexander (b. 1790) of the apothecary in Bristol could not be the same George born in 1853. His youngest daughter Louisa (b.1826) married Robert Nicolson in 1843.
From George Alexander's will it was clear that he had 4 children.
Charlotte, (b.1818) who never married and went to live with her aunt and uncle Rev. John Hogarth, when her aunt was ill - according to their wills.
George Alexander (b.1814) who worked with his father as a chemist but never married (census)
Elizabeth (b.1824) who never married and lived with her father until his death in 1854. Elizabeth was the executor of her father's will and the trusts for the properties in Vigo Lane. I can also find her staying with her niece (Louisa's daughter) on the census in Manchester - after her niece married Dr. William Jay Williams.
I am looking for George Hogarth (b.1757) who went to cambridge to study law, 2nd son of John Hogarth (apothecary surgeon) of Vigo Lane. There are no death records and as there is a vague mention of him in his father's will I think he must still have been alive in 1798.
I have copies of the wills which link all the family together and link them with John Waddell and the Berwickshire Hogarths.

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