Marielyn B.Hogarth
Tracking families
Tue Sep 28, 2004 8:03pm (XFF:

My Husband Antoine Hogarth is the son of Maurice Hogarth who himself was the son of Joseph Hogarth who came to Haiti
in the 1800 with his brother John Hogarth . John Hogarth was a Pastor send to Haiti to preach to the black people of Haiti. Antoine has several brothers and sisters. Three of them already died the last 4 years.
I have 4 children with Antoine and still married with him
after 29 years.My oldest sonAntoine also, leave actually in Hollywood .Florida
Please tell me more of the family if you know.

Thank you


  • Haitian HogarthsJanice O'Neil, Tue Aug 17 1:27pm
    I've never heard of any of our family members being in Haiti. However, I did manage to track down a second cousin I knew nothing about who lives relatively close to me through this website and that... more
    • haitijean hogarth, Thu Oct 28 2:05pm
      there are to many hogarths in haiti for mor einfoe, email me at or email my sister at jean hogarth
    • Tracking families — Marielyn B.Hogarth, Tue Sep 28 8:03pm
      • Family foundDanielle Montes, Sun Aug 7 8:02pm
        Dear Marielyn, This is Danielle, Marie Hogarth's grand daughter. I am so happy to see you here! Earlier this year, I found the origin of the Hogarth's in Haiti. I found the will of George Hogarth,... more
      • Haitian Hogarth My aunt and God ChildLaurie Hogarth Kovacs, Fri Dec 3 4:44am
        I have tried for five years to get people to talk about the Haitian Hogarths and finally it happened . Iam Laurie Hogarth ,daughter of Jean Hogarth ,Marielyn is My aunt and Jean is my God-Child. The... more
        • John (Jean) HogarthDanielle Montes, Tue Aug 23 9:53pm
          My grandmother was Marie Hogarth. She is the daughter of Joseph Hogarth and Julie Ferrer,grand daughter of John and Marie Eliza Chanlatte, one of 9 nine children. Maurice Hogarth is her brother. I... more
          • HogarhLaurie Hogarth, Sun Jul 2 11:58am
            My Grandfather is Maurice Hogarth married to Janin Denis I was told that he was one of the brothers and cousins that came to Haiti . He was about 9 years old . We don't know what happened to his... more
            • Re: HogarhDanielle Montes, Sun Jul 2 1:58pm
              We are most certainly family as all the names you listed are household names in my family- all celebrated as well-loved. Your grandfather, Maurice Hogarth and my grandmother, Marie were siblings.... more
              • Re: HogarhAnonymous, Sun Jul 2 11:07pm
                I learned more about the family in 5 minutes than I did all my life . Thank you so much. Their is a Doctor here in New Jersey his name is Dr. Bocage he is a lung doctor he is the son of our uncle... more
              • HogarthLaurie Hogarth, Sun Jul 2 6:20pm
                Thank you ! My Dad Jean Hogarth is in the picture so is Ti Bob Telson and Elsie Telson and Elaine .The little boy with the white suite is Bob he passed a couple of years ago so did Elaine .Their... more
                • The Telson kidsDanielle, Mon Jul 3 6:52am
                  Dear Laurie, My son went to visit Elsie in New York a couple of years ago. I flew to New York twice to visit Elaine in the hospital. Even there she was a force of nature, her spirit was strong and... more
                  • Re: The Telson kidsAnonymous, Mon Jul 3 12:07pm
                    Yes they are amazing people.I will ask my Dad if he remembers anything about Marcel .He was the youngest so they didn't tell him much about anything . He just told me last week that his Dad came to... more
                • Jean Hogarth Danielle , Sun Jul 2 7:04pm
                  Yes, I knew them well. Elsie's mom was Denise Pressoir. I visited Haiti in the early 1990s with my mother to meet her and the two remaining sisters at the time - Tante Julie and Tante Marcel. It was... more
                  • HogarthLaurie Hogarth , Sun Jul 2 11:04pm
                    I have pictures of Elsie's family in New York I'll see her next week and ask her who they are . My sister Elsie Hogarth died September 7, 2016 and my mom Martha Hogarth died January 24,2012.The... more
                    • ElsieDanielle Montes, Mon Jul 3 5:15am
                      I always
          • Bertha Hogarth > HaitiJohn Fry, Mon Oct 24 5:52pm
            Looking for any information on Bertha Hogarth born in Haiti ~1900-1910 > All I have is her picture and a couple of postcards she sent my grandfather in the 1920's ( written in french)> He was... more
            • Bertha HogarthDanielle Montes, Mon Jul 3 1:06pm
              I apologize for not paying closer attention to this thread sooner. I don't know anything about Bertha, but I have gathered quite a bit about the Hogarths in Haiti over the years. What was your grand... more
              • Bertha HogarthJohn Fry, Mon Jul 3 11:57pm
                Lt. Howard Fry USMC/ Haitian Gendarmerie 1923-1927 Port au Prince and a couple other remote areas. Checking with my dad I have a picture of her and some postcards she sent my Grandfatherbut don't see ... more
                • ContactDanielle Montes, Tue Jul 4 12:22pm
                  My email address is to send the photo and post cards. Please make sure you sent the backside as well so I can see the location or hint of location. Write to me there and I... more
                • Bertha HogarthJohn Fry, Tue Jul 4 4:24am
                  Danielle, I can send you a portrait picture that we have (it was taken in Port au Prince at a photography studio Also have one of her and my grandfather standing out front of a building or house (?)
          • USA - Haiti HOGARTHsBryan Hoggarth, Wed Aug 24 12:12pm
            To save straining my brain to picture how these HOGARTHs fit together I though I'd see if a tree is available on Ancestry. Tree on Ancestry: "The Ancestors of the Beauvais -Archin Family" (or TD2016) ... more
            • Hogarth - Wolff connectionDanielle Montes, Wed Aug 24 3:29pm
              Marie Hogarth married an Archin. One of Marie Hogarth's (1889) granddaughters married a Wolff. One of her daughters married a Beauvais. The children of Wolff and Beauvais are close cousins.
            • Origin of Hogarths in Haiti Danielle Montes, Wed Aug 24 3:23pm
              Thank you so much, Bryan for this resource. The question of the Haiti Hogarths has been answered. The Ancestry trees you are referring are ours. We have definitively traced the origin of the first... more
              • Site originator - Rod HOGARTH not Bryan HOGGARTHBryan Hoggarth, Thu Aug 25 12:10pm
                Hi Anonymous, It is a common mis-conception that this site is my work. It was actually started by Rod HOGARTH back in the latter years of the last century. If you look at the Home page and scroll... more
                • Hogarth - HoggarthDanielle Montes, Fri Aug 26 5:27am
                  Thank you for the clarification, Bryan. I sent my last two or three comments from my phone and did not realize I was showing as Anonymous. I'm Danielle Montes. The subject of your response is... more
                  • Catholics Bryan Hoggarth, Fri Aug 26 10:35am
                    hi Danielle, You wrote "Another one of you posts mentioned that Hogarth is a Catholic spelling. " If I did write that then it is wrong. The HOGGARTHs from North Yorkshire (North Riding of Yorkshire... more
                    • Thank you for clarificationmontes.danielle, Fri Aug 26 4:34pm
                      Thank you, Bryan for that information. I am learning a great deal! Everything you have shared is contributing to my understanding and helping to refine my search. Respectfully, Danielle
        • US-Haiti Hogarth ConnectionDanielle Montes, Sun Aug 7 8:05pm
          Hello Laurie, I am so happy to make your online acquaintance. Please let me know if you would like to communicate further. Respectfully, Danielle
      • Re:tracking familiesClaudiane Hogarth, Tue Nov 23 2:30pm
        Antoine Hogarth is such a common name. I have a cousin, an uncle, a 2nd or 3rd cousin, a great-uncle all named Antoine Hogarth. I wonder if your husband somehow fits in this puzzle. I will ask my... more
        • Andre HogarthDanielle Montes, Sun Aug 7 8:32pm
          Greetings, Claudiane! I think I've heard of your father when I first started looking three years ago. An ancestry contact told me of an Andre Hogarth. He told me several stories about him and helped... more
      • Tracking familiesMarielyn B.Hogarth, Tue Sep 28 8:29pm
        Apparently Georges Hogarth is the one who came to Haiti from Baltimore around 1827 with his son John Hogarth
        • Haitian Hogarth's return to BaltimoreJean-Max Hogarth, Sun Nov 14 7:30pm
          My name is Jean-Max Hogarth and I was born in Port-au-prince Haiti. Now I live in the suburbs of Baltimore where my father (Emmanuel Hogarth b. 1919) always told me our descendents came from. MY... more
          • call me!Chris Breder, Thu Feb 17 6:56pm
            JM, Long time no hear/see. Give me a buzz or drop me an email regards, Chris Christopher D. Breder, MD PhD Director Neuroscience Global Clinical Research Bristol Myers-Squibb Co. 5 Research Parkway... more
          • Wow, we're related!!!!Claudiane Hogarth, Tue Nov 23 2:04am
            I was so excited when I found this thread for Haiti Hogarth but now even more. You spoke about your father, Emmanuel Hogarth... he's my father's uncle! This means you and my father are cousins. I... more
            • Re: Wow, we're related!!!!Jean-Max Hogarth, Wed Aug 24 12:56pm
              Claudianne, There has been some excellent research on our family tree. If you're interested you can follow this website as well as What's App. It tracks our ancestors back to the original slave owner ... more