Claudiane Hogarth
Wow, we're related!!!!
Tue Nov 23, 2004 2:04am (XFF:

I was so excited when I found this thread for Haiti Hogarth but now even more. You spoke about your father, Emmanuel Hogarth... he's my father's uncle! This means you and my father are cousins. I briefly mentioned to him the site I had found and he said that his grandfather was Antoine Hogarth. My father (Claude Hogarth) says he remembers your father. My grandfather was the late Andre Hogarth (your uncle)They're all from Port-au-Prince as well. My grandfather had many (many, many) children was also fertile in Cuba. He also mentioned that his great-grandfather ( I will get the name later) was white, from England. Please feel free to email me so that we can share on our families. I'll tell you the name of my many aunts and uncles and maybe we can make some of the pieces fit.

Claudiane Hogarth

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    My name is Jean-Max Hogarth and I was born in Port-au-prince Haiti. Now I live in the suburbs of Baltimore where my father (Emmanuel Hogarth b. 1919) always told me our descendents came from. MY... more
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      JM, Long time no hear/see. Give me a buzz or drop me an email regards, Chris Christopher D. Breder, MD PhD Director Neuroscience Global Clinical Research Bristol Myers-Squibb Co. 5 Research Parkway... more
    • Wow, we're related!!!! — Claudiane Hogarth, Tue Nov 23 2:04am
      • Re: Wow, we're related!!!!Jean-Max Hogarth, Wed Aug 24 12:56pm
        Claudianne, There has been some excellent research on our family tree. If you're interested you can follow this website as well as What's App. It tracks our ancestors back to the original slave owner ... more