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Anthony Kane
Re: Any updates?
Mon Apr 15, 2013 05:08

It doesn't look like anyone will take this project on. Tadpsid seems to be a dead end and nobody has come up with anything remotely similar. I find it hard to believe with games out there nothing seems remotely close to it. I want a space game like the mercenary series where you can explore! Obviously with great graphics and the ability to go where you want! Has anyone any ideas?

  • Re: Any updates?Anonymous, Thu Apr 11 13:49
    I don't know about the TADPSID project, but an "iOS Project" for Paul Woakes's masterwork needs to be made & it needs to be made N-O-W ....
    • Re: Any updates?Simone, Sat Apr 20 08:44
      I could make "an iOS Project for Paul Woakes's masterwork". However, there are three conditions I need to state: 1) I personally don't need a Mac, an Ipad or an iOS SDK, so, if you really want this,... more
    • Re: Any updates? — Anthony Kane, Mon Apr 15 05:08
      • It's Over, Johnny ....iPadCary, Mon Jul 1 20:23
        Forget it, Ant. I've been using the internet long enough now to accept as fact that the guys who can do the most good game-makingwise always turn out to be the most tight-assed, obsessive-compulsive, ... more
        • Re: It's Over, Johnny ....Enjo, Thu Jul 4 05:26
          That Guy is just writing a PhD thesis and doesn't give a heck about pleasing you. So... what's your occupation and scientific title, Mr Looser?
          • YeahWebmaster, Sat Jul 20 14:15
            Good luck with your thesis Enjo, forget the idiots.
            • ThanksEnjo, Sun Jul 21 12:10
              Thanks, Mate! Good on you!
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