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Re: Any updates?
Sat Apr 20, 2013 08:44

I could make "an iOS Project for Paul Woakes's masterwork". However, there are three conditions I need to state:

1) I personally don't need a Mac, an Ipad or an iOS SDK, so, if you really want this, you will have to buy them for me and have them shipped to me at your expenses

2) It would not be something I do as a hobby, but a project you have commissioned me to do. Thus, I will write a contract for you to sign, to ensure that I get paid for my work, and you will abide by it

3) The Apple-branded equipment that you will have bought and shipped to me will remain my property, and I will be allowed to use them or dispose of them in any way I see fit

So what do you think?

  • Re: Any updates?Anonymous, Thu Apr 11 13:49
    I don't know about the TADPSID project, but an "iOS Project" for Paul Woakes's masterwork needs to be made & it needs to be made N-O-W ....
    • Re: Any updates? — Simone, Sat Apr 20 08:44
    • Re: Any updates?Anthony Kane, Mon Apr 15 05:08
      It doesn't look like anyone will take this project on. Tadpsid seems to be a dead end and nobody has come up with anything remotely similar. I find it hard to believe with games out there nothing... more
      • It's Over, Johnny ....iPadCary, Mon Jul 1 20:23
        Forget it, Ant. I've been using the internet long enough now to accept as fact that the guys who can do the most good game-makingwise always turn out to be the most tight-assed, obsessive-compulsive, ... more
        • Re: It's Over, Johnny ....Enjo, Thu Jul 4 05:26
          That Guy is just writing a PhD thesis and doesn't give a heck about pleasing you. So... what's your occupation and scientific title, Mr Looser?
          • YeahWebmaster, Sat Jul 20 14:15
            Good luck with your thesis Enjo, forget the idiots.
            • ThanksEnjo, Sun Jul 21 12:10
              Thanks, Mate! Good on you!
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