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Scratch that
Thu Sep 19, 2013 04:35

Actually the message doesn't say that it *cannot* be reposted somewhere else. I've created an entry there.

  • A showstopperEnjo, Fri Sep 13 11:14
    On the other hand, this info on the MDDClone page stops me: "Note: be wary of downloading MDDClone from other websites. We have an exclusive agreement with the MDDClone author meaning that the latest ... more
    • Scratch that — Enjo, Thu Sep 19 04:35
      • NP I guessWebmaster, Sun Sep 29 02:12
        I think there's no problem with that. Only thing would be to mention the latest releases should be posted on this page. But I doubt there will be new versions soon. I still hope to finish the French... more
        • ImportantWebmaster, Sun Sep 29 02:13
          Oh BTW, forgot to say: if you share the program on other places, be sure they don't make money with it.
          • Tiggit clarifications & plansEnjo, Tue Oct 1 23:42
            New versions: Yes, it's a known problem in Tiggit, that the authors don't submit the latest versions to Tiggit, or that Tiggit author doesn't react on submissions. Therefore the link to original page ... more
            • Re: Tiggit clarifications & plansSimone, Thu Oct 3 04:19
              Did the MDDClone author also give you the Italian translation of Mercenary 3 that I sent him in 2010? I've been waiting for it to be put to use since then...
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