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MDDClone Author
Location, location, location
Tue Sep 24, 2013 04:21

MDDClone was, is, and always will be free. I devoted more than 5 years of my spare time working on this, and so feel that have some rights to how it is treated - at least as a container: of course the original game still belongs to those behind the Novagen team. (All hail, Novagen!)

So the original intent behind this message was to have some clout when people seemed to be bundling MDDClone with lots of other games... spreading it around like this was one thing, but then they started charging for it - and that seems flat-out wrong. If anyone should be getting money for it, it should be the Novagen guys - they are the ones that put in all the hard work.

At this points, and getting pragmatic about this, Enjo, you are considered a team player. Drop Simon and I an e-mail and let's work out how to get this to work to the best for all of us.

  • MDDClone-SDL in Tiggit game installerEnjo, Fri Sep 13 11:07
    I like to google MDDClone-SDL from time to time to learn its reception, and how fast, and through which channels the world about it spreads. Recently I've found out that it was placed on Tiggit's... more
    • Location, location, location — MDDClone Author, Tue Sep 24 04:21
      • Email lostEnjo, Thu Oct 3 05:56
        You seem to have changed your e-mail address. Maybe you could just write to me instead?
    • A showstopperEnjo, Fri Sep 13 11:14
      On the other hand, this info on the MDDClone page stops me: "Note: be wary of downloading MDDClone from other websites. We have an exclusive agreement with the MDDClone author meaning that the latest ... more
      • Scratch thatEnjo, Thu Sep 19 04:35
        Actually the message doesn't say that it *cannot* be reposted somewhere else. I've created an entry there.
        • NP I guessWebmaster, Sun Sep 29 02:12
          I think there's no problem with that. Only thing would be to mention the latest releases should be posted on this page. But I doubt there will be new versions soon. I still hope to finish the French... more
          • ImportantWebmaster, Sun Sep 29 02:13
            Oh BTW, forgot to say: if you share the program on other places, be sure they don't make money with it.
            • Tiggit clarifications & plansEnjo, Tue Oct 1 23:42
              New versions: Yes, it's a known problem in Tiggit, that the authors don't submit the latest versions to Tiggit, or that Tiggit author doesn't react on submissions. Therefore the link to original page ... more
              • Re: Tiggit clarifications & plansSimone, Thu Oct 3 04:19
                Did the MDDClone author also give you the Italian translation of Mercenary 3 that I sent him in 2010? I've been waiting for it to be put to use since then...
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