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Tiggit clarifications & plans
Tue Oct 1, 2013 23:42

New versions:
Yes, it's a known problem in Tiggit, that the authors don't submit the latest versions to Tiggit, or that Tiggit author doesn't react on submissions. Therefore the link to original page comes in handy, which is available for every game. Additionally, a game author could create a PHP script, like download_latest.php which always redirects to the latest version, and distribute this link instead of direct links. But maybe this is just theorizing.

Making money:
I believe that their eventual business model would operate around commercial games which can be also downloaded through Tiggit, and nothing else. The free games would remain free there. One thing to look out for is for example a situation where they let you download free games as a bonus, AFTER paying for a commercial game through the system. This would be a crime, but I don't think that the authors would do it.

MDDClone project:
As I said, I like the original MDDClone for its completeness. The full SDL port on the other hand, would require tons of work, and I'm no youth anymore. Therefore, since MDDClone Author has left the project and already passed the sources to me, I think that I could backport a few interesting features from the SDL port to the original:
- arbitrary multiplication of the original resolution, like in the OpenGL version of the SDL port
- include the updated Greek translation (overdue!)
- binding all languages into one binary
- camera shake while walking

I only need some time to sort out my life, so I'm not starting anytime soon. Maybe in a year and more.

  • ImportantWebmaster, Sun Sep 29 02:13
    Oh BTW, forgot to say: if you share the program on other places, be sure they don't make money with it.
    • Tiggit clarifications & plans — Enjo, Tue Oct 1 23:42
      • Re: Tiggit clarifications & plansSimone, Thu Oct 3 04:19
        Did the MDDClone author also give you the Italian translation of Mercenary 3 that I sent him in 2010? I've been waiting for it to be put to use since then...
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