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Re: Any updates
Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:16

If you're asking about TADPSID: I've made some new building models, but not enough for a new release. I can tell you this: if all goes well, the next TADPSID release should be some time this year. And I have no idea whether Enjo has done anything new with his SDL-MDDClone.

Anyway, if you want something to munch on while you wait, I hope you'll be satisfied with something else I've worked on recently, even though it's not Mercenary-related.

Exhibit A, a high-level Commodore 65 emulator (yes, sixty-five: it emulates a machine for which only few prototypes exist, that was supposed to be released in 1992) which is various orders of magnitude faster than the original machine in running BASIC programs (the gfxdemo1 program you find in that page is completed in about 20 minutes on a real Commodore 65, but it takes only 0.116667 SECONDS on my emulator) and more compatible that MESS.

Exhibit B, animations (just one for now) and VRML environments showing scenes that were narrated in the novel of 2001: A Space Odyssey and struck my imagination when I read it as a kid, but never appeared in the movie because of technical limitations.

  • Any updatesAnthony Kane, Sun Jun 15 16:00
    Hi. Its been a while but just thought id ask if the project has now been abandoned? It would be a great shame if it has as so much has gone into it so far. I have been looking at other games like... more
    • MDDClone & SDLEnjo, Fri Jul 4 23:51
      Hi there, I'm afraid that the SDL port has reached its dead end. It was an awful amount of time investment to port just the first game, it hasn't even been fully ported, and I can't imagine doing... more
    • Re: Any updates — Simone, Thu Jun 26 12:16
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