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1st set ;)
Tue Dec 30, 2014 07:52

Hehe, oh BTW one 1st thing to think about that made me smile, recently talking about it with Anthony who sent an email.

In the bugs fixed by the option in MDDClone, is the fact that in Damocles, both the Author's Chair and the Author's Computer can be picked up from outside - no need for key A!
Once fixed they can't be picked up anymore, BUT...

The mission disks describe the fact they can be picked up from outside! So is this a bug or a feature, or a bug turned as a featuer later... And then does it have it be "fixed"?

Ha ha ha :D

  • TennisThe MDDClone Author, Tue Dec 30 05:58
    And I suppose you'll have me on the hook for fixing a few bugs such as the "Red Tape" solution in M3... great!
    • 1st set ;) — Webmaster, Tue Dec 30 07:52
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