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Re: Where is the MDDCLONE author?
Fri Mar 20, 2015 06:30

Yep, I too would be grateful for his new e-mail. I tried to mail him and ask some questions about Damocles principles of work, just for educational purposes, and he doesn't respond

  • Where is the MDDCLONE author? Sparky, Fri Feb 20 20:06
    Hi. If somebody has an alternate email address for the MDDCLONE author, can you please drop me an email. I would like to discuss the possibility of doing an Android and iOS port but have not been... more
    • Re: Where is the MDDCLONE author? — sidav, Fri Mar 20 06:30
      • Re: Where is the MDDCLONE author? sparkynz74, Fri Mar 27 14:40
        I wouldn't hold your breath. Its been 3-4 months now since I first started trying to get in touch. I hope the guy is all right. I'm beginning to wonder if the MDDClone author is really Paul Woakes -... more
        • Still aroundEnjo, Sat Mar 28 22:25
          "anybody who seems to develop in-depth knowledge of Targ seems to disappear." Nah, just busy with Real Life. But it appears that all my life investments start returning and I'll finally have some... more
          • Re: Still aroundsparkynz74, Sat Mar 28 23:31
            Cool good to hear. If you'd be interested in letting me have a go at an Android/iOS port then please drop me an email. Thanks Sparky.
            • Ain't the bossEnjo, Sun Mar 29 00:22
              Sorry, but it's not for me to decide. If the MDDClone Author wishes so, I'll pass him my code, which you can base your work on.
              • Re: Ain't the bosssparkynz74, Sun Mar 29 00:26
                Sorry Enjo - I mistook you for the MDDClone author. :)
                • Re: Ain't the bossEnjo, Sun Mar 29 00:36
                  No, I'm just that other "anybody who knows something about Targ" :)
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