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Still around
Sat Mar 28, 2015 22:25

"anybody who seems to develop in-depth knowledge of Targ seems to disappear."

Nah, just busy with Real Life. But it appears that all my life investments start returning and I'll finally have some time for hobbies this or latest by next year.

  • Re: Where is the MDDCLONE author? sparkynz74, Fri Mar 27 14:40
    I wouldn't hold your breath. Its been 3-4 months now since I first started trying to get in touch. I hope the guy is all right. I'm beginning to wonder if the MDDClone author is really Paul Woakes -... more
    • Still around — Enjo, Sat Mar 28 22:25
      • Re: Still aroundsparkynz74, Sat Mar 28 23:31
        Cool good to hear. If you'd be interested in letting me have a go at an Android/iOS port then please drop me an email. Thanks Sparky.
        • Ain't the bossEnjo, Sun Mar 29 00:22
          Sorry, but it's not for me to decide. If the MDDClone Author wishes so, I'll pass him my code, which you can base your work on.
          • Re: Ain't the bosssparkynz74, Sun Mar 29 00:26
            Sorry Enjo - I mistook you for the MDDClone author. :)
            • Re: Ain't the bossEnjo, Sun Mar 29 00:36
              No, I'm just that other "anybody who knows something about Targ" :)
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