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Re: Game saves format
Tue May 12, 2015 12:43

Is this not something you would like to try documenting yourself? It could be a laugh. I'm quite busy with a large project of my own at the moment so its not something I would get to any time soon. However.. if I could get my hands on the MMDClone source, that would change in an instant! :)

  • Game saves formatPawel Garycki, Sat May 2 04:57
    With file formats published it would be even possible to introduce randomization of the Mercenary content so that the games would not be all the same each time. And if more stuff will be outsourced... more
    • Re: Game saves formatSparkyNZ, Mon Aug 10 17:33
      Hmm.. One of the things I didn't take into account when I answered your question was what system you'd want the save formats to be documented for. I'm playing around with the Amiga version of Escape... more
    • Re: Game saves format — sparkynz74, Tue May 12 12:43
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