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Pawel Garycki
Some findings
Tue Jun 30, 2015 22:37

Broomstick in Dion Crisis is a vehicle but no item is the key for it. Checked the entire solar system.

In Escape from Targ shooting almost all Mechanoid buildings yields an access to the Interstellar Ship. In the Second City, it yields 1000000 credits. In both games shooting almost all Palyar buildings yields nothing.

After saving Eris by other means than the Magic Cristal (at least by the Author's Computer), the Magic Crystal turns into a Cheese Sundwitch.

It is possible to yield exact 9000000 in the Second City by selling all items to the appriopriate locations, not buying the Dominion Dart nor the Interstellar Ship and destroying all Mechanoid structures. In Damocles you can also sell valuable items taken from the Second City for additional money.

    • Re: Some findingsWebmaster, Sat Jul 4 11:59
      Nice! So I'll have to change the Second City military solution - it said the Pass was given, but it's money. I had in memory I once got money for shooting buildings, thanks to you now I remember how... more
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