Re: Some findings
Sat Jul 4, 2015 11:59

So I'll have to change the Second City military solution - it said the Pass was given, but it's money. I had in memory I once got money for shooting buildings, thanks to you now I remember how it happened ;)

About the Broomstick: Nick Bacchus told me about it long ago but just said "but where is the key for it?". I don't know if he really meant there was no key, of if there's a trick or something. Sadly I lost contact.


  • Some findingsPawel Garycki, Tue Jun 30 22:37
    Broomstick in Dion Crisis is a vehicle but no item is the key for it. Checked the entire solar system. In Escape from Targ shooting almost all Mechanoid buildings yields an access to the Interstellar ... more
    • Re: Some findings — Webmaster, Sat Jul 4 11:59
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