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Re: Neat!
Sun Jul 26, 2015 16:02 (XFF:

Thanks for the reply Simone. To be honest, I have given up waiting and decided to do it all over myself. I've been disassembling Amiga Escape from Targ for the past few weeks and I think I nearly have everything I want out of it. I'll document the game save formats as suggested on her previously.

I'm hoping to create another platform independent clone and allow people to create their own objects, buildings, mazes etc. Its been a fun side-project. I'm hoping to do the same with Damocles and M3 so if you're keen on discussing inner details with me, please email me via my GeekTunes website contact details:

  • Re: Neat!Simone (Devil Master), Sun Jul 26 14:36
    I haven't been in contact with the MDDClone author since 2006/2007, and since then, all my MDDClone contributions (performance feedback about SDL-MDDClone, Mercenary 3 Italian translation) were done... more
    • Re: Neat! — SparkyNZ, Sun Jul 26 16:02
      • Re: Neat!Simone, Wed Jul 29 10:35
        Maybe this isn't the reply you're expecting, but I don't know much about the inner workings of the games, except for: 1) a data table I received from the MDDClone author in 2002 that details... more
        • Re: Neat!sparkynz74, Wed Jul 29 12:58
          "2) actions that are strictly related to the visualization of text (e.g. which flag triggers the output of which phrase, which objects in the world are considered inventory objects)" If you are happy ... more
          • Re: Neat!Simone, Wed Jul 29 14:17
            It's not up to me to decide. I'll ask Enjo if I can share the part of the source that I got for the translation.
            • Re: NeatSparkyNZ, Wed Jul 29 16:00
              I understand Simone, thanks. If its MDDClone source code snippets, don't worry about it. Enjo is rather busy at the moment so there's no rush. Besides, once I start disassembling Damocles I'll have... more
              • Re: NeatSimone, Fri Jul 31 03:49
                I emailed Enjo, who explained the copyright issues about sharing even part of the MDDClone source code. He then added that, because I am the holder of the files I used for the Italian translation,... more
                • Re: Neatsparkynz74, Fri Jul 31 16:36
                  That's OK Simone. Its probably best for me to go-it-alone anyway and that way there's certainty that any artifacts I produce are entirely from the Amiga and not MDDClone.
        • Re: Neat!sparkynz74, Wed Jul 29 12:56
          Thanks for the reply Simone. Sorry, I was hoping that you may have tinkered with the Amiga or Atari ST game code yourself. What I was hoping for was to be able to share memory indices and formats etc ... more
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