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Re: How do you find planets?
Thu Aug 20, 2015 04:29

Actually, all planets are on the ecliptic plane, for example Gaea is at 02-00-05, although this is an oversimplification, because the interval spanned by one such coordinate is too large (way larger than any planet). Internally, the real coordinates of Gaea are 180000,0,390000.
BTW, why do you consider the coordinates as XX-ZZ-YY? The way they are (XX-YY-ZZ) is consistent with most, if not all, 3D engines (even Irrlicht), where the Y coordinate indicates the vertical position.

Personally, I've never used the chart to locate the planets, because it's not precise enough. I just fly around the system, looking for a dot of the coorect color. I pretty much memorized all planets' positions in few weeks after playing Damocles for the first time.

  • How do you find planets?sparkynz74, Sun Aug 16 12:19
    How do you find planets easily in Damocles? I have the Damocles chart and understand the XX-YY-ZZ coordinate system (which I personally prefer to thing of as XX-zz-YY). Last night I was trying to... more
    • Re: How do you find planets? — Simone, Thu Aug 20 04:29
      • Re: How do you find planets?Webmaster, Sun Sep 6 05:48
        I use the chart to see the colour of the planet (or group of planets) I'm aiming. Then I move left or right: the system plents move a (very) little differently from background stars. That's how I see ... more
      • Re: How do you find planets?Anonymous, Thu Aug 20 13:23
        Thanks. Oh, the main reason I think of the coords in that way is that everything in Damocles is pretty much flat. We learn that on flat 2D graph paper you have x & y coords. You have flat cities (X-Y ... more
        • Re: How do you find planets?Simone, Thu Aug 20 17:21
          Of course, in school you learn 2D Cartesian coordinates as X and Y... but then, when you plot a 2D graph on a screen, the Y coordinate is vertical. ;-) So, when you need an extra dimension, you use... more
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