Re: How do you find planets?
Thu Aug 20, 2015 13:23 (XFF:

Thanks. Oh, the main reason I think of the coords in that way is that everything in Damocles is pretty much flat. We learn that on flat 2D graph paper you have x & y coords. You have flat cities (X-Y coords) and then a paper solar system chart which is flat and suggests X-Y coords as well since the middle coord isn't really a big player in the ecliptic plane scheme of things.

I know what you means about 'Z' in 3D engines - its something I've always found odd. Z makes sense for "near and far" when you think of X-Y coords on a screen.. (probably why its used in 3D games) but if you think in map coords, Z makes sense when you think about up and down as its the extra 3rd coord. :-)

Interesting those real coords that you quoted - why would numbers such as 180000 be used?

  • Re: How do you find planets?Simone, Thu Aug 20 04:29
    Actually, all planets are on the ecliptic plane, for example Gaea is at 02-00-05, although this is an oversimplification, because the interval spanned by one such coordinate is too large (way larger... more
    • Re: How do you find planets?Webmaster, Sun Sep 6 05:48
      I use the chart to see the colour of the planet (or group of planets) I'm aiming. Then I move left or right: the system plents move a (very) little differently from background stars. That's how I see ... more
    • Re: How do you find planets? — Anonymous, Thu Aug 20 13:23
      • Re: How do you find planets?Simone, Thu Aug 20 17:21
        Of course, in school you learn 2D Cartesian coordinates as X and Y... but then, when you plot a 2D graph on a screen, the Y coordinate is vertical. ;-) So, when you need an extra dimension, you use... more
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