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What does 'T' do in Damocles?
Thu Sep 3, 2015 01:58

Does pressing key 'T' serve any significance in Damocles?? It does something relating to whether you're boarded a vessel or not.. but I haven't figured it out yet..

    • Re: What does 'T' do in Damocles? Webmaster, Sat Sep 5 11:41
      Hi, In which context are you trying to use it? Apparently it does nothing, did you hear the bell sound indicating something? I tried to search back my docs for it but tracking just the letter T in... more
      • Re: What does 'T' do in Damocles? sparkynz74, Sat Sep 5 14:26
        No, there wasn't any 'ping' at all when I pressed it. Just scanning through the keyboard handling code and found a comparison that matched the T key.. but it had not effect in my current game state.... more
        • Re: What does 'T' do in Damocles? Webmaster, Sat Sep 5 15:00
          Ah, maybe some old thing from Escape From Targ ? (T was used to Take) But rather unlikely, certainly some tool as you suggest, or some dropped feature (for instance previews talk about a camera or... more
          • Re: What 'T' does in Damocles!Webmaster, Sat Sep 5 15:02
            Aha, there it is, from Damocles solution page: "* The Chair is a spaceship in disguise, and to operate the computer you must be sitting in it (you can pick up both Chair and Computer standing in... more
            • Re: What 'T' does in Damocles!sparkynz74, Sun Sep 6 00:39
              Well done!! :) I wonder what other goodies I'll find - I'm sure you guys will have found them all already. I got a shock the other day when I accidentally hit the Esc key and whizzing away from the... more
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