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Re: What does 'T' do in Damocles?
Sat Sep 5, 2015 15:00

Ah, maybe some old thing from Escape From Targ ? (T was used to Take)
But rather unlikely, certainly some tool as you suggest, or some dropped feature (for instance previews talk about a camera or other things that were probably tested but never made it to the final version).

That being said, thinking of it, my brain seems to want to tell me something about this T thing. Self-persuasion? Did you try it with the Authors Chair?

  • Re: What does 'T' do in Damocles? sparkynz74, Sat Sep 5 14:26
    No, there wasn't any 'ping' at all when I pressed it. Just scanning through the keyboard handling code and found a comparison that matched the T key.. but it had not effect in my current game state.... more
    • Re: What does 'T' do in Damocles? — Webmaster, Sat Sep 5 15:00
      • Re: What 'T' does in Damocles!Webmaster, Sat Sep 5 15:02
        Aha, there it is, from Damocles solution page: "* The Chair is a spaceship in disguise, and to operate the computer you must be sitting in it (you can pick up both Chair and Computer standing in... more
        • Re: What 'T' does in Damocles!sparkynz74, Sun Sep 6 00:39
          Well done!! :) I wonder what other goodies I'll find - I'm sure you guys will have found them all already. I got a shock the other day when I accidentally hit the Esc key and whizzing away from the... more
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