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Fire Away!... (NOT)
Thu Sep 14, 2017 15:04

I read the docs with my MDDClone For EFT.. They recommend not "Blasting away at everything in sight..." Problem is, I Can't Shoot ANYTHING !! The Key Controls say Fire = joystick or INS... I Have No Joystick And I Assume The INS Refers To The INSERT Key, Which In My Case Does Nothing.. Am I Missing Something?? Someone Please Help Me, I Have Nearly Scratched My Itchy Trigger Finger To Bleeding..

    • Fire Away1… (NOT)Joshin Yamada, Wed Oct 11 17:04
      Just to check in— The ships in the game do not natively come with the ability to shoot. You have to find weapons for them in the game.
    • Re: Fire Away!... (NOT)Stewart Charles Burne-Jones, Fri Sep 15 01:22
      I'll have to check that one myself!
      • Re: Fire Away!... (NOT)Stewart Charles Burne-Jones, Fri Sep 15 01:34
        On my laptop its Insert (prt sc)
        • Fire Away !!amaker43, Fri Sep 29 12:33
          Still Haven't shot anything as of yet... I even bought a USB joystick and still nothing... the joystick works on my other games, I think I am Missing Something For Mercenary ?!?!? Is There A Batch... more
          • MDDClone-SDLEnjo, Sat Sep 30 02:14
            I have no joystick, so can't help you with MDDClone, but just to be sure - are you using MDDClone-SDL? Because there the shooting feature is unimplemented.
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