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MDDClone-SDL'd Debian incompatibility
Sat Sep 30, 2017 03:04

I wanted to mention, that the last version of the MDDClone-SDL is incompatible with the latest stable Debian version; probably with other distros as well. I'll try to fix it as soon as I find some time.
No fixed dates as to when I start a remake of the II and III parts yet, but I'm getting closer to it every month.

    • Some good newsEnjo, Wed Oct 4 10:02
      It turned out that it's the wxWidgets launcher, that's incompatible. It's still possible to launch the games via the bash script, after commenting out the ./launcher line and... more
      • Launcher compilationEnjo, Thu Oct 5 05:17
        I have figured out a temporary solution: 1) download the file: 2) Replace its older version in launcher-src 3) Recompile the... more
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