I shed a tear
Sat Feb 17, 2018 22:35

I'm sorry to hear that. Too bad we've never got the chance to know Paul, but your personal note cheered me up, I must say.

This makes me even more eager to work on the series.

I sign with my both hands what y'all wrote. I grew up on Mercenary, and while driving my bike in a park, I was imagining I was flying the Dominium Dart.

  • Paul Woakes escaped from EarthWebmaster, Thu Feb 8 12:03
    Paul Woakes, author of the Mercenary games many loved so much, passed away on 15th July 2017. Words fail me. My thoughts are with his family, friends, colleagues... And with the Mercenary and Novagen ... more
    • You were inspiringDave Dogge, Wed May 23 07:17
      Paul Woakes your technical achievement on the C64 was up there with the very best. Mercenary was an amazing game, many thanks for the experience. RIP
    • RE: Paul Woakes escaped from EarthGrahamC, Wed Mar 21 13:56
      I only found out about Paul's passing today thanks to Retro Gamer magazine. They've written an article in their news section about Paul in the latest issue (no. 179, pages 6/7). Damocles was my first ... more
    • Re: Paul Woakes escaped from EarthPaweł Garycki, Mon Mar 5 10:39
      R.I.P. Paul. Your Mercenary world has inspired my first novel I wrote. You have also inspired the next generation of game designers. Thank you for your inventions.
    • RIP PaulJason Lawrence, Tue Feb 27 14:30
      I only found out today that Paul Woakes had died. I'm so grateful to have been part of a generation that his work touched upon. Mercenary remains for me the most beloved game of the 8/16 bit era,... more
    • I shed a tear — Enjo, Sat Feb 17 22:35
      • Re: I shed a tearsparkynz74, Sun Feb 18 23:32
        Enjo, you are not the only one. I too am thinking about starting a port of Mercenary on Android. This is something I wanted to do for fun but it feels a bit more worthwhile now. I may not find the... more
        • Benson speakEnjo, Tue Feb 20 09:13
          This piece is a really important and hard to do. How did you achieve it? Is it portable code?
          • Re: Benson speaksparkynz74, Tue Feb 20 10:31
            I wrote the code in C. Should be portable enough - I have a test app that does the Benson speak which is Windows SDL based. I'm happy to share. It may not be 100% accurate but its pretty close! I was ... more
            • Re: Benson speakEnjo, Wed Feb 21 03:16
              Excellent! To hell with 100% accuracy. Anything is better than playing a limited set of audio samples. Also it will be better than incorporating MAME code, which was proposed by the MDDClone Author.... more
    • Sad newsStewart Charles Burne-Jones, Sun Feb 11 10:21
      This is sad news indeed. Mercenary is a more than just a stone that forms part of my childhood, it was a foundation. So many fond memories brought to my by Paul Woakes and the Novagen team. Rest in... more
      • Sad NewsAnthony Kane, Sun Feb 18 05:49
        I have always been inspired by the Mercenary games especially Damocles and Mercenary III. Paul Woakes will live on in the memories of all the people that have played his games. R.I.P. Paul. Thank you ... more
    • Re: Paul Woakes escaped from Earthsparkynz74, Fri Feb 9 11:38
      This is very sad news indeed. Paul transformed the many hours I spent playing on my C64 by taking me to a different world. That world was Targ within Mercenary. I never met him but in some ways I got ... more
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