Re: Mercenary 2 and 3 with OpenGL
Sun Feb 18, 2018 23:42

Enjo, isn't is just as easy to rewrite the whole game engine in your favourite language (C++) and load the Amiga binary data into memory. Then you can just access the various parts of the Amiga memory to get all of the vertices for objects, building locations, door connections, room dimensions, key and prompt behaviours etc. That's the way I'd do it - use the Amiga memory dump as a big data file. I realise you already have the original "source" but it would be far easier to start almost from scratch I would have thought?

  • Re: Mercenary 2 and 3 with OpenGLEnjo, Sun Feb 18 23:30
    The goal you're trying to achieve is on my long term todo list. MMDClone is a result of reverse engineering at first. Then the routines were packed in more or less OOD C++, still having many inline... more
    • Re: Mercenary 2 and 3 with OpenGL — sparkynz74, Sun Feb 18 23:42
      • Separation of conceptsEnjo, Mon Feb 19 22:51
        The data is available almost in cleartext, so no - a memory dump wouldn't be reasonable, at least for me. But through a clear separation of concepts, it will be easier to renew the old routines into... more
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