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Re: Benson speak
Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:31

I wrote the code in C. Should be portable enough - I have a test app that does the Benson speak which is Windows SDL based. I'm happy to share. It may not be 100% accurate but its pretty close!

I was wondering if we should start a Mercenary wiki of some kind where we could perhaps share our findings - but most of what I got to know is by disassembling and commenting the Amiga disassembly, playing with WinUAE break/watchpoints etc.

  • Benson speakEnjo, Tue Feb 20 09:13
    This piece is a really important and hard to do. How did you achieve it? Is it portable code?
    • Re: Benson speak — sparkynz74, Tue Feb 20 10:31
      • Re: Benson speakEnjo, Wed Feb 21 03:16
        Excellent! To hell with 100% accuracy. Anything is better than playing a limited set of audio samples. Also it will be better than incorporating MAME code, which was proposed by the MDDClone Author.... more
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