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Re: First version of my M2/M3 game emulator
Tue Mar 27, 2018 09:02


thanx for your investigation. I don't think that I have a virus that infiltrates code compiled with MinGW. (A special compile environment to compile Unix code on Windows...)

Some out-of-topic question: Are you the Graham from Oxyron/Flensburg that meets me/us sometimes at the Greek restaurant "Dionysos"?

Best regards,


  • Re: First version of my M2/M3 game emulatorGrahamC, Mon Mar 26 15:25
    Hi Andreas, I'm not Anthony, but I've uploaded the zip file and the mercenary2.exe and mercenary3.exe files to for checking. This site scans files, URLs etc against multiple virus... more
    • Re: First version of my M2/M3 game emulator — Andreas Eversberg, Tue Mar 27 09:02
      • Re: Not that GrahamGrahamC, Tue Mar 27 09:14
        Hi Andreas, Sadly I'm not that Graham, but I like the name of that restaurant! Best Regards, Graham
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