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Anthony Kane
Re: Andreas Eversberg Mercenary Reloaded with OpenGL
Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:20

Hi Andreas,

If I set my soundcard to 2.0 and not 5.1 which is what I had it set to the game work every time hence why when I disabled the card and selected my NVidia through my TV as it too is 2.0. Always the most simple of things.
I do hope you can work out how to get it to render further distances, infinite even considering it is just polygons etc sounds straight forward if using something modern like Unreal Engine or similar but this was written way before this.
Whatever you can come up with it is great and I shall be keeping my eyes open for your work. I love projects such as these and Damocles and Mercenary are my favourite old games from my Atari and Amiga days.
I would love it if you could port the mission disks over as saves. I never did finish them all.
Many a cheat menu or something could be added to give you infinite credits or unlimited inventory. Just a few ideas I used to give the game with my Action Replay MKIII cartridge on my Amiga 500. Maybe a voice to read the text out so it sounds like Benson? this was done in another project but the programmer abandoned it unfortunately. I have it if you like it was called Tapsid.
Can you get the timing on the text to match the action? I remember this issue on my Amiga 1200 as the game run like this does now but obviously the game was written with just 7mhz in mind so the faster the rendering the timing doesn't match. When on a flight the pilot is telling you about your destination and you arrive yet the text is still coming up for quite a while.
Are you on any other BBS or Discord? This forum is often hard to follow.

Kind regards,


  • Re: Andreas Eversberg Mercenary Reloaded with OpenGLAndreas Eversberg, Tue Apr 17 10:51
    Dear Anthony, nice the hear that you got this running. I ask the SDL to use the default sound device and I expect it to support 2 channels (stereo). It would be a good thing to have a selection of... more
    • Re: Andreas Eversberg Mercenary Reloaded with OpenGL — Anthony Kane, Tue Apr 17 11:20
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