Tue Apr 24, 2018 23:57

Have you considered using CMake?

  • AwsomeEnjo, Tue Apr 24 22:00
    Awesome work, Andreas. I really like the fact, that you haven't doubled my work, but rather complimented it. Therefore I don't need to have bad feelings about not returning to the project in a... more
    • Re: AwsomeAndreas Eversberg, Sat Apr 28 10:11
      Hi Enjo, in order to compile it, you will need SDL2 developer package (libsdl2-dev in case of Debian). Then run ./configure again and watch the output. At the end of the script you will see, if SDL2... more
      • Re: AwsomeEnjo, Sun Apr 29 01:15
        Hi Andreas, ok, after re-running configure, it compiled, but I still see no executables. Well, the MDDClone Author disassembled the original ST binaries and rewrote most of the routines in old-style... more
        • Re: AwsomeAnonymous, Sun Apr 29 01:35
          Hi Enjo, if it compiles, you will find the binaries inside "./src/mercenary/". If you "make install", you will find the binaries at "/usr/local/bin", if you did not change the install prefix. If it... more
          • Re: AwsomeEnjo, Sun Apr 29 03:13
            Bah, the executables are there. Sorry. I didn't notice them. Now I have a different problem, because the SDL cannot initialize the GLX device on my hybrid laptop, but your software has nothing to do... more
            • Re: AwsomeAndreas Eversberg, Mon Apr 30 03:12
              Yes, use command line option to turn off MSAA: "-m 0" Or pull again from GIT repository. I just added at patch to automatically turns off MSAA, if it fails to use.
              • Give me a weekEnjo, Fri May 11 03:23
                Will test in a week, because I have no access to this machine right now.
                • Re: Give me a weekEnjo, Sun May 13 13:58
                  It works now on my laptop on both the Intel chip, and on the discrete NVIDIA card.
    • CMake — Enjo, Tue Apr 24 23:57
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