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Re: Awsome
Sat Apr 28, 2018 10:11

Hi Enjo,

in order to compile it, you will need SDL2 developer package (libsdl2-dev in case of Debian). Then run ./configure again and watch the output. At the end of the script you will see, if SDL2 was found.

How did you rewrite the code? Reversing the binary seems to be too complicated - at least for me. Do you have the original source code?

I have no experience with cmake, so i choose autoconf/automake.

  • AwsomeEnjo, Tue Apr 24 22:00
    Awesome work, Andreas. I really like the fact, that you haven't doubled my work, but rather complimented it. Therefore I don't need to have bad feelings about not returning to the project in a... more
    • Re: Awsome — Andreas Eversberg, Sat Apr 28 10:11
      • Re: AwsomeEnjo, Sun Apr 29 01:15
        Hi Andreas, ok, after re-running configure, it compiled, but I still see no executables. Well, the MDDClone Author disassembled the original ST binaries and rewrote most of the routines in old-style... more
        • Re: AwsomeAnonymous, Sun Apr 29 01:35
          Hi Enjo, if it compiles, you will find the binaries inside "./src/mercenary/". If you "make install", you will find the binaries at "/usr/local/bin", if you did not change the install prefix. If it... more
          • Re: AwsomeEnjo, Sun Apr 29 03:13
            Bah, the executables are there. Sorry. I didn't notice them. Now I have a different problem, because the SDL cannot initialize the GLX device on my hybrid laptop, but your software has nothing to do... more
            • Re: AwsomeAndreas Eversberg, Mon Apr 30 03:12
              Yes, use command line option to turn off MSAA: "-m 0" Or pull again from GIT repository. I just added at patch to automatically turns off MSAA, if it fails to use.
              • Give me a weekEnjo, Fri May 11 03:23
                Will test in a week, because I have no access to this machine right now.
                • Re: Give me a weekEnjo, Sun May 13 13:58
                  It works now on my laptop on both the Intel chip, and on the discrete NVIDIA card.
    • CMakeEnjo, Tue Apr 24 23:57
      Have you considered using CMake?
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