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Fri May 11, 2018 03:22

Works flawlessly. Thanks, and once again: great job in general.

Did you cut the important information from the Readme.txt on purpose? It's very minimalistic now.
Also in the previous version you forgot to mention that libglew-dev is needed.

  • Re: Makefile missingAndreas Eversberg, Fri May 11 02:15
    Oops, I missed some files. Now I fixed it. Pull again. Thanx!
    • Works! — Enjo, Fri May 11 03:22
      • Re: Works!Andreas Eversberg, Fri May 11 04:24
        The readme.txt could be improved. The libglew is not required anymore, since I added static version to the source code. I needed this to make Oculus Rift version work. I could not resolve... more
        • Re: Works!Enjo, Fri May 11 04:50
          Not a big deal. It's fun. I've just pulled the latest version and I confirm that it compiles even after uninstalling the libglew-dev
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