Feature request
Sat May 12, 2018 07:18

There's something that annoyed me in the original, so I made a patch for this in MDDClone-SDL:

My finger ached me from constantly keeping the forward key pressed, so using Shift + Forward / Backward key, I locked the forward / backward movement until I pressed the forward key again. Could you implement it in the keyboard.c file?

  • Mercenary Reloaded with OpenGLAndreas Eversberg, Sat Apr 14 10:36
    An almost final version of Mercenary Reloaded with OpenGL rendering can be downloaded from: http://mercenary.eversberg.eu/ There is also a Windows 32 Bit binary available. If it fails to start on... more
    • Feature request — Enjo, Sat May 12 07:18
      • Re: Feature requestAndreas Eversberg, Mon May 14 11:04
        Hi Enjo, pressing Shift + Forward causes an object to be picked up. IIRC, it should also be happen with MDDClone. But why do you want to keep the forward key pressed? As long as you don't walk/run... more
        • Re: Feature requestEnjo, Mon May 14 22:40
          Then make it Ctrl or Alt. Why do I want it? Because I'm an old fart, physically damaged by years of futile software development, and every such finger ache adds to my frustration and takes away the... more
          • Re: Feature requestAndreas Eversberg, Tue May 15 10:04
            The src/libkeyboard/keyboard.c is the emulation to put keycode into the emulated Amiga CIA. Check out src/mercenary/main.c to send keycodes. keyboard_sdl() receives the keys from the PC (SDL lib) and ... more
            • DoneEnjo, Sat May 26 06:57
              OK. Done. Thanks for the explanation. I have used Control, because Alt was somehow ignored. Do you accept patches? If yes, here's my small mod: --- src/mercenary/main.c 2018-05-26 15:53:01.852538223... more
              • Re: DoneAndreas Eversberg, Sun May 27 01:42
                Hi Enjo, It does not work with the source in master branch, but I managed to make it work even with ALT key. How should walking/running stop? When releasing ALT key or when pressing UP key again?... more
                • Re: DoneEnjo, Sun May 27 05:19
                  Excellent. It should stop after pressing and RELEASING the Up key. Therefore the logic is defined simply as ignoring the release key only when ALT is pressed. Finito.
                  • Re: DoneAndreas Eversberg, Sun May 27 10:08
                    Ok, now I pushed a patch, so you can keep running using ALT + UP and stop when pressing UP or DOWN (without ALT). Thanx for improving my software.
                    • Re: DoneEnjo, Sun May 27 22:44
                      It's a pleasure. I wanted to tell you this yesterday, but I had guests: I recalled that in my Targ SDL port, Control key is responsible for locking the movement, not Alt. Alt was for orienting... more
    • Makefile missingEnjo, Thu May 10 23:41
      For now I'm trying to compile on a different machine - without the discrete graphics card, so I did a fresh checkout and one file is missing: configure.ac:73: error: required file... more
      • Re: Makefile missingAndreas Eversberg, Fri May 11 02:15
        Oops, I missed some files. Now I fixed it. Pull again. Thanx!
        • Works!Enjo, Fri May 11 03:22
          Works flawlessly. Thanks, and once again: great job in general. Did you cut the important information from the Readme.txt on purpose? It's very minimalistic now. Also in the previous version you... more
          • Re: Works!Andreas Eversberg, Fri May 11 04:24
            The readme.txt could be improved. The libglew is not required anymore, since I added static version to the source code. I needed this to make Oculus Rift version work. I could not resolve... more
            • Re: Works!Enjo, Fri May 11 04:50
              Not a big deal. It's fun. I've just pulled the latest version and I confirm that it compiles even after uninstalling the libglew-dev
    • Mercenary Reloaded is completeAndreas Eversberg, Mon May 7 10:41
      I like to announce that the emulator is now complete. (There will be some improvements in the future...) The game and a documentation can be dowloaded from: http://mercenary.eversberg.eu/ The... more
      • Mercenary Reloaded is completeAnthony Kane, Tue May 8 02:34
        Hi Andreas, Great work in finishing it. I am very pleased you have implemented the mission disks for Damocles. I have not played these in years and now with better graphics it will make the... more
        • Re: Mercenary Reloaded is completeAndreas Eversberg, Tue May 8 12:28
          Hi Anthony, I will not support HT...il there is some official abstraction available to support any HMD. There is OpenVR, but it is not really open. I guess that there will be some extension for... more
          • Re: Mercenary Reloaded is completeAnthony Kane, Mon May 14 03:28
            Hi Andreas, Its a shame you won't support HTC as i'd love to try playing in room scale. Thing is there's not many objects to give you the feeling of scale anyway unfortunately. In future is there a... more
            • Bigger draw distanceAndreas Eversberg, Mon May 14 10:52
              Hi Anthony, Any other VR headset will be supported, as soon as there is a common API for all headset. The Khronos Group Inc seem to work on it. ( https://www.khronos.org/openxr ) I plan to draw roads ... more
    • AwsomeEnjo, Tue Apr 24 22:00
      Awesome work, Andreas. I really like the fact, that you haven't doubled my work, but rather complimented it. Therefore I don't need to have bad feelings about not returning to the project in a... more
      • Re: AwsomeAndreas Eversberg, Sat Apr 28 10:11
        Hi Enjo, in order to compile it, you will need SDL2 developer package (libsdl2-dev in case of Debian). Then run ./configure again and watch the output. At the end of the script you will see, if SDL2... more
        • Re: AwsomeEnjo, Sun Apr 29 01:15
          Hi Andreas, ok, after re-running configure, it compiled, but I still see no executables. Well, the MDDClone Author disassembled the original ST binaries and rewrote most of the routines in old-style... more
          • Re: AwsomeAnonymous, Sun Apr 29 01:35
            Hi Enjo, if it compiles, you will find the binaries inside "./src/mercenary/". If you "make install", you will find the binaries at "/usr/local/bin", if you did not change the install prefix. If it... more
            • Re: AwsomeEnjo, Sun Apr 29 03:13
              Bah, the executables are there. Sorry. I didn't notice them. Now I have a different problem, because the SDL cannot initialize the GLX device on my hybrid laptop, but your software has nothing to do... more
              • Re: AwsomeAndreas Eversberg, Mon Apr 30 03:12
                Yes, use command line option to turn off MSAA: "-m 0" Or pull again from GIT repository. I just added at patch to automatically turns off MSAA, if it fails to use.
                • Give me a weekEnjo, Fri May 11 03:23
                  Will test in a week, because I have no access to this machine right now.
                  • Re: Give me a weekEnjo, Sun May 13 13:58
                    It works now on my laptop on both the Intel chip, and on the discrete NVIDIA card.
      • CMakeEnjo, Tue Apr 24 23:57
        Have you considered using CMake?
    • Andreas Eversberg Mercenary Reloaded with OpenGLAnthony Kane, Mon Apr 16 12:32
      Hi All, I've downloaded and managed to get this running however it is just the standard version as on Atari ST and Amiga? The video shows it running within OpenGL and smooth with newer smoother... more
    • Andreas Eversberg Mercenary Reloaded with OpenGLAnthony Kane, Mon Apr 16 02:01
      This is fantastic! Watching the video the game looks smooth and not choppy or jerky like it was on the Atari ST or Amiga versions. I'm trying to run it but the screen changes resolution and then back ... more
      • Re: Andreas Eversberg Mercenary Reloaded with OpenGLAndreas Eversberg, Mon Apr 16 12:18
        Hi Anthony, Be sure to use download the version 0.9 from my page, not the first version 0.1. After running, you will see a blue screen with help text about how to use the keyboard for emulation... more
        • Andreas Eversberg Mercenary Reloaded with OpenGLAnthony Kane, Tue Apr 17 02:23
          Hi Andreas, I've got both Mercenary 2 and 3 working within OpenGL on both of my machines now. The reason neither would work on my main machine is as of an audio error on line 157 which produces the... more
          • Re: Andreas Eversberg Mercenary Reloaded with OpenGLAndreas Eversberg, Tue Apr 17 10:51
            Dear Anthony, nice the hear that you got this running. I ask the SDL to use the default sound device and I expect it to support 2 channels (stereo). It would be a good thing to have a selection of... more
            • Re: Andreas Eversberg Mercenary Reloaded with OpenGLAnthony Kane, Tue Apr 17 11:20
              Hi Andreas, If I set my soundcard to 2.0 and not 5.1 which is what I had it set to the game work every time hence why when I disabled the card and selected my NVidia through my TV as it too is 2.0.... more
        • Andreas Eversberg Mercenary Reloaded with OpenGLAnthony Kane, Mon Apr 16 12:40
          Hi Andreas, Great work on getting this to run within OpenGL. I've only just noticed your reply before posting another. I'll try it on my other PC as when I try it on my main PC it will not run and... more
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